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Terracycle Green Up Shop

I just came back from the Terracycle Green Up Shop and boy am I inspired.

Conveninently located next to the Port Authority on 41st Street & 8th Avenue, it is an awesome display of  eco friendly items to be used at home, in class, on the go or even the runway.

Yes darlings, there is an entire dress made from m&m candy wrappers that is fabulous, and tons of other clothing items made from bamboo and salvaged fabric.

I am super inspired to keep making my bags and branching out into other items.Maybe next year you will see “smartalecky” in the Green Up Shop!

Greenup! pop-up shop opens at Port Authority

In honor of Earth Month, TerraCycle has opened a “green” pop-up shop at Port Authority through May 1. There are more than 200 eco-friendly items for sale, most made from common garbage such as chip bags, food wrappers, yogurt cups and glue bottles. Brooklyn-based RePlayGround will also sponsor DIY craft projects at the store, where little ones ages four and up can make wallets out of food wrappers and drink pouches. Go green!


Terra Cycle is a recycling program, and website, on the cutting edge.  On their website you can locate a participating drop off location or sign up for a Brigade and start collecting yourself; there's a drink pouch Brigade, a Clif Bar Brigade, a candy wrapper Brigade; just to name a few.  These Brigades are responsible for collecting the wrappers / empty containers and shipping them off to Terra Cycle where they are turned into treasures like these (pictures of products are from official website or their facebook page)..

Interview with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle – Part 1

“I love the fact that I can make money and help the planet at the same time.  But making money is number one and that drives everything else.  It’s just been a blessing really to find a model where it really clicks together in that way.” – Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle
 KissMyCountry had the opportunity to talk with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, which manufactures products from non-recyclable waste.  It’s a fascinating and exciting company that reflects the energy, creativity and commitment of Tom Szaky and his team.  Enjoy this frank and information-filled conversation with a true business genius who is committed to saving the planet.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview.  In Part 1, Tom talks about his early years as an entrepreneur and the growth of TerraCycle into a company with endless possibilities.  Enjoy!

TerraCycle Review

Have you heard of TerraCycle? I have been a huge fan of all the fabulous things they do to help reuse wrappers and juice pouches that might otherwise make it to the landfill and make some really wonderful products!
I first fell in love with TerraCycle after seeing their adorable bags made out of Upcycled Capri Sun juice pouches... Pretty great right? You get an amazing product while helping to save the planet! Well there is big news coming from Terracycle, and I am so excited to help spread the buzz! Starting April 5th 2010 you'll be able to find TerraCycle products in EVERY Walmart across the nation!

From Trash to Treasure at MIS

BROOKLYN, Mich. -- One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At least that’s what the employees of Michigan International Speedway say. The staff of the track, in partnership with TerraCycle, have pledged to upcycle paper and plastic goods that would normally be thrown into the garbage. In return, TerraCycle will pay MIS Cares, the track’s charity component, up to two cents for every piece collected so the wrappers can be turned into cool, every-day products such as pencil bags, laptop cases, flower pots and toys. “We have pledged to do everything we can, not only as a business, but as individuals, to minimize our effects on the environment and set a positive example that ‘every little bit counts,’” speedway President Roger Curtis said. So what can be upcycled? Drink pouches, potato chip bags, candy bar wrappers, cookie wrappers, energy bar wrappers, pens, markers and highlighters — you name it. Just about anything can be upcycled by TerraCycle.

The Five Takeaways of Waste: Tom Szaky

The words “waste” and “garbage” have always had such negative connotations.  “You’re a waste of space.”  Schoolyard taunts about smelling like a garbage picker.  The phrase “garbage in, garbage out,” which refers to something made with low quality materials that will also yield a low quality final product. Tom Szaky, the 28 year old CEO of Terracycle, sees waste differently.  While he has brought garbage into his company, it seems that the outputs have been nothing short of valuable.  Szaky started Terracycle as a 19 year old Princeton student.  His idea?  Taking food waste from Princeton’s cafeterias, having worms digest it, and producing fertilizer on the other end.  The products were contained in old soda bottles.  After nearly going broke, he was helped out by an investor, which led to the company getting orders into two major retailers.

Getting Orchids to Rebloom

The Terracycle fertilizers caught my eye on Gardeners.com. They are packaged in recycled soda bottles, first of all. The fertilizers are made from worm poop. These worms are fed an all natural, organic diet. It doesn’t smell at all and is safe to use. I bought the All-Purpose Fertilizer and Orchid Fertilizer and have been using both with success. They are $7.95 each.

TerraCycle’s Best Practices For Growing Green Revenue

TerraCycle produces very cool consumer products from recycled food packaging. But for businesses trying to grow revenues in this “soft recovery” the coolest thing about TerraCycle is its creative business strategies for generating top-line revenue results with attractive profit margins. How it engage its customers is what makes TerraCycle’s strategy unique. For example, it “up-cycles” Capri Sun wrappers to create products like pencil holders that target the very school children who are the principal consumers of Capri Sun juices. Its customer engagement program involves encouraging school children to collect the wrappers as a fund raiser for their school and a path for learning about recycling. Beyond this being a brilliant social marketing example it also makes money. From a production-cycle perspective, TerraCycle takes a zero-cost waste stream and converts it into a product with attractive margins.

Kashi Love & TerraCycle

TerraCycle was founded by a brainiac college student back in 2001 & started as organic fertilizer company {ever see the  worm poop in an upcycled soda bottle?} in addition ~ they run free national collection programs to collect wrappers from tons of products from companies like Frito Lay (Pepsi), Kraft Foods, Stonyfield Farm, Mars Wrigley {and many more.} from schools & non-profits & regular people like you & me!