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2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers List - Organizations

We are proud to announce the 2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers List which recognizes the 30 organizations that are effectively sharing solutions to waste management and stories about their work. We analyzed 900 social media accounts to find this year’s Pioneers, an increase from 750 in 2016. In its earlier versions, this was called the Waste Influencers List. We believe change and leadership can arise from every part of the society. Communication is a key aspect in fostering and facilitating such change and leadership. We are publishing this list to encourage an ongoing dialogue and enhance opportunities for collaboration.

Donna Demaio's Gossip Sheet: June 28

What happens to all the packaging from our beauty products? Mostly it heads to landfill. L’Oreal  Australia has partnered with the international company TerraCycle to launch a recycling program so that all that rubbish - won’t add to the world’s waste. The campaign involves people saving their packaging and sending it off for recycling, for free.  And you guessed it, the waste is turned into innovative eco products. Check out www.terracyle.com.au

Sustainable Brands’ inaugural Sydney conference demonstrates Australia’s commitment to positive change

The first day of the Sustainable Brands Sydney conference has brought together over 200 of Australia’s sustainability industry professionals to analyse the environmental and social impact of brands. Local and international thought leaders discussed how Australia can be part of a sustainable world, creating business models that deliver both purpose and profit, at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 27 June 2016.

Terracycle keeps one million cigarette butts off our streets

Over one million cigarette butts have been collected by consumers, anti-litter groups and businesses since the launch of global recycling company TerraCycle's Cigarette Waste Brigade on Clean Up Australia Day in March this year, making Australia's second most littered item recyclable for the first time in the country.

Terracycle: Turn Trash into Treasures!

Next time you purchase a box of Capri Sun drinks, a tube of Colgate toothpaste, a Clif bar etc.. consider hanging on to your trash and sending it to Terracycle! TerraCycle takes a wide range of different non-recyclable waste materials and then makes affordable, eco-friendly products. Terracycle is hoping to eliminate the idea of waste by finding innovative, unique uses for materials others deem garbage. With over 50 products available at major retailers like Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, OfficeMax, Petco and Whole Foods Market, TerraCycle is one of the fastest growing eco-friendly manufacturers in the world. Consider what happens when your kids finish drinking a Capri Sun…they toss the empty juice box in the trash which eventually ends up in a dumpster or landfill. Instead of adding the drink pouch to a pile of other pouches at the landfill, TerraCycle converts the used drink pouches into unique fashion bags, tote bags, pencil cases, and other items for kids and adults (check out the adorable Skittles bag below made from recycled Skittles wrappers)!


Terra Cycle is a recycling program, and website, on the cutting edge.  On their website you can locate a participating drop off location or sign up for a Brigade and start collecting yourself; there's a drink pouch Brigade, a Clif Bar Brigade, a candy wrapper Brigade; just to name a few.  These Brigades are responsible for collecting the wrappers / empty containers and shipping them off to Terra Cycle where they are turned into treasures like these (pictures of products are from official website or their facebook page)..

Terracycle and Friends finds a Home in New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal

There was a time when the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan was little more than place to catch a bus. Things are changing, however, for the terminal—once listed as one of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world—and TerraCycle's new store in Blank SL8 is part of that change. In addition to a full range of TerraCycle products, the store will feature items from RESTORE Clothing, RePlayGround, and many others. One percent of all sales will be donate to Riverkeeper, the leading clean water advocate for New York. TerraCycle will also use the space to collect 30 different non-recyclable waste-streams—transforming it into the largest upcycling center in the world. Consumers who bring waste to the store will receive a discount on the products they purchase

Interview with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle – Part 1

“I love the fact that I can make money and help the planet at the same time.  But making money is number one and that drives everything else.  It’s just been a blessing really to find a model where it really clicks together in that way.” – Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle
 KissMyCountry had the opportunity to talk with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, which manufactures products from non-recyclable waste.  It’s a fascinating and exciting company that reflects the energy, creativity and commitment of Tom Szaky and his team.  Enjoy this frank and information-filled conversation with a true business genius who is committed to saving the planet.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview.  In Part 1, Tom talks about his early years as an entrepreneur and the growth of TerraCycle into a company with endless possibilities.  Enjoy!