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Can You Return An Expired Car Seat? It's Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Purchase

If you've been a parent for more than six months, you probably have baby gear stashed in the top of your closet or attic or storage or, well, you get the idea. For some of us, it stays there until another baby needs it, or until it's time for a spring clean, neighborhood yard sale, or donation run. Many of us save car seats for years, "just in case," but can you return an expired car seatwhen you don't need it anymore?

TerraCycle, P&G partner in a love-hate relationship with trash

Tom Szaky, the Hungarian-born CEO and founder of TerraCycle, dreams of chewing gum, cigarette butts and ocean plastic. His Trenton, New Jersey-based company aims to accelerate the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, a breakthrough in materials science, energy storage and other technologies, by cleaning up after heaps of waste and inventing inputs for items spurned by ordinary recyclers.

Here’s What Target Will Give You for Your Kid’s Dirty Old Car Seat

When your growing-like-a-weed baby outgrows her infant car seat, it'll probably just wind up in the Land of Lost Baby Gear in your basement, destined to collect dust until you back up a truck to haul out all your old stuff years from now. But from September 10 through 23, Target will take that yucky old car seat off your hands, turn it into something brand-new and helpful for the environment, and hand you a 20 percent discount coupon for the next seat in your baby’s journey through the world of baby safety gear.