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Der auf Kindersnacks aus Obst und Gemüse spezialisierte Hersteller Erdbär, Berlin, hat ein Recyclingprogramm für sogenannte Quetschbeutel initiiert, die aus Verbunden von Kunststoff und Aluminium bestehen. Das Projekt wird zusammen mit dem auf schwierige Recyclingprozesse spezialisierten Unternehmen TerraCycle umgesetzt.

Das Quetschbeutel-Recycling-Programm der Frechen Freunde | Jetzt wird recycelt!

Das Große Quetschie-Sammeln hat begonnen! Im April haben die Frechen Freunde das erste Quetschbeutel-Recycling Programm in Deutschland lanciert. Das Berliner Start-up, Hersteller nährwertbewusster Bio-Kindersnacks aus Obst und Gemüse, will künftig zusammen mit seinen Endverbrauchern Quetschbeuteln ein zweites Leben geben und Verantwortung für das Recycling von Verpackungen aus Verbundstoffen übernehmen. Das Projekt wird zusammen mit dem Recyclingunternehmen TerraCycle umgesetzt.

Chippin’ In – Garland PTA fundraiser bags field trip cash

What have juice, cookies, or chips done for your schools, recently? Well, if your kids go to Garland Elementary, over the last year, the Parent Teacher Association has been collecting these empty bags, as well as Malt-O-Meal cereal bags, to fund projects like field trips. Melissa Skinner, this year’s Garland PTA president-elect, set up the recycling program after hearing about TerraCycle on a T.V. show highlighting Park City students who were recycling using a company based in Trenton, N.J. Skinner chose to focus on the following items: Nabisco cookie wrappers, Capri or Kool-Aid pouches, Frito-Lay chips bags and Malt-O-Meal cereal bags. So far, the school has collected 2,211 chip bags, 272 cookie wrappers, 2,222 drink pouches and after just starting the cereal bags in January, they have had 80 cereal bags. The total of $95.70 may not seem like much, but Skinner just sent another batch of bags to the company and will see another check at the end of April. Plus, she said TerraCycle pays the shipping expense. Skinner wants to get the word out, that anyone is encouraged to donate their used wrappers from these companies to Garland Elementary.

Interview with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle – Part 1

“I love the fact that I can make money and help the planet at the same time.  But making money is number one and that drives everything else.  It’s just been a blessing really to find a model where it really clicks together in that way.” – Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle
 KissMyCountry had the opportunity to talk with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, which manufactures products from non-recyclable waste.  It’s a fascinating and exciting company that reflects the energy, creativity and commitment of Tom Szaky and his team.  Enjoy this frank and information-filled conversation with a true business genius who is committed to saving the planet.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview.  In Part 1, Tom talks about his early years as an entrepreneur and the growth of TerraCycle into a company with endless possibilities.  Enjoy!

I'm a Terracycle Contest Winner!

Last week on Facebook, I entered a contest all I did was leave my blog link (as a comment) on Terracycle's Fan Page. This morning I had a message saying that I won. Yay!!  I of course don't know what the prize is until it gets here. But I wanted to share this site with yall. I stumbled across Terracycle when I was ... yes I don't remember what I was doing. They recycle all kinds of things into new things. Some of these things will be available only next month(April) in Walmart Stores. Here is some more information about it; the information is copied in part with permission. "A whole bunch of brand new TerraCycle items will be available, during April for a limited time only, at every single Walmart across the country. Starting April 5th, nearly 60 TerraCycle products will be sold right next to the original items they were made from. Cheetos kites and tote bags made from Frito-Lay wrappers will be sold with bags of Frito-Lay chips, while notebooks and purses made out of skittles and M&M wrappers will be sold right next to bags of Mars Candy. For those of you unfamiliar with the trash to treasure company, TerraCycle, here is a little background information: TerraCycle collects traditionally non-recyclable waste from people all across the country by paying a non-profit of the person collectings choice, 2 cents for each piece they collect and mail to the company, with the use of a pre-paid shipping label they can print right from the TerraCycle website (www.TerraCycle.net). A majority of TerraCycle’s active participants are schools, because the students usually bring in the items TerraCycle collects during lunch; such as juice pouches, chip bags, and cookie wrappers, plus the money can go right back to the school. TerraCycle uses the waste it receives from its Brigade members to make hundreds of products that are not only eco-friendly, but are also very affordable because its made from waste!"

TerraCycle Review

Have you heard of TerraCycle? I have been a huge fan of all the fabulous things they do to help reuse wrappers and juice pouches that might otherwise make it to the landfill and make some really wonderful products!
I first fell in love with TerraCycle after seeing their adorable bags made out of Upcycled Capri Sun juice pouches... Pretty great right? You get an amazing product while helping to save the planet! Well there is big news coming from Terracycle, and I am so excited to help spread the buzz! Starting April 5th 2010 you'll be able to find TerraCycle products in EVERY Walmart across the nation!

Guilderland Elementary does...does your school?

According to the Guilderland Elementary School Acting PTA President, Guilderland Elementary School raises money by upcycling Capri Sun juice pouches.  By simply offering a recycling container in a lunchroom, local schools and organizations can earn money and protect the environment. Starting healthy habits for body and earth can start early with Capri Sun.  Yes, that says Capri Sun.  Remember the sugary juice in bags that kids loved in the 80's?  For today's kids, Capri Sun offers 100% juice, recyclable pouches, and school or organization fundraising programs.  This is a win, win, win situation.

FREE TerraCycle

I just discovered this site. No, you will not make money, but you can help a charity with your trash! It's free to join and it's going towards a good cause! I'm asking y'all to join my team and collect juice pouches, chip bags, candy wrappers, cookie bags, etc. They even provide shipping labels for you to ship the items to them! If you join my team, I do NOT get any money or anything special. You're just helping me collect for a local charity in New Orleans called Cambodia Children's Sanctuary  which helps out abandoned children and such. For each of the items you send in, they donate $0.02 to the charity. It may not seem like a lot but with all my followers I know we can make a difference! It's free to join, you're getting rid of trash and recycling at the same time as well as helping a very worthy charity!