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Terry Dickson: Brunswick anti-litter agency wants to clean up, no ifs, ands or butts

                                      All those butts she collects don’t go to a landfill. As she said, you can recycle anything. Keep Brunswick-Golden Isles Beautiful sends them to TerraCycle, a company that melts them down to cast some low-grade plastic products such as shipping pallets, shipping peanuts and — get this — ashtrays.                

TerraCycle Review and Giveaway

Have your kids shown an interest in the recycling movement?  We recently had the opportunity to check out these neat bags from TerraCycle and while I was surprised at first (didn’t expect it to be quite so “recycled”) they are a ton of fun and my daughter just loves them! We got the Goodness Grapeness shoulder strap bag which she has used on several beach trips so far!  She also got this fun pencil case (pictured above) that is made out of recycled Capri Sun packages.  How fun is this?!  Plus, it is a large sized pencil case so you can fit a complete box of pencils plus more inside of it!

Eco-friendly back to school products from TerraCycle

Have you seen the store aisle for back to school?  There is so much there and hundreds of little and big sized crayons, papers, notebooks, backpacks, totes, etc... How do you decide what to buy? Do you take the kids and let them pick? Do you tackle the supply shopping solo for sanity? I take my youngest, but my teen can care less about shopping with me for supplies. We just do the clothing. I will find things on my own I know he will need. When in doubt, why not buy a product that has up-cycled the hard-to-recycle waste. Eco-friendly bags, lunch sacks and pencil cases from TerraCycle are fun and sport popular brands your child and teen love.

Back to School LookBook: Terracycle

It’s almost time for school in our neck of the woods and my kids are getting ready for back to school.  We’ve been getting all our school supplies and everything for school and making adjustments so they are ready when school starts next week.  I received a kids messenger bag from Terracycle to feature for my back to school guide.  Here’s my daughter with her back to school look.