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Green Gifts from TerraCycle Review

We all want to be greener. The three R's have become ingrained in our minds since we were little kids. I know I try to recycle and reuse what I can, when I can, but I fall short. Sometimes, I stare at a used up item and just wonder what I can make out of it before I give up and it goes out into the recycling bin! TerraCycle has taken the guess work out of turning trash into treasure with their unique site! So how do they do it? TerraCycle takes items that are traditionally non-recyclable, think your kids juice pouches, toothbrushes, even chip bags, and turns them into products we can use in our everyday lives. You can send them your used up packages through their website or purchase upcycled items from stores like Target and Whole Foods. I was sent a few items to review and each one is a perfect gift for someone on your holiday list, or, perhaps yourself!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012- TerraCycle Review & Capri Sun Lunchbox Giveaway

There are tons of companies and individuals trying to capitalize on the recycling trend. Terracycle is taking that trend to another level. They are recycling waste products or upcycling to create new products while reducing the products that would normally just go to a landfill.

Products include traditional garden supplies like a Terra Stone Plant Caddy retailing for $14.99, the Eco-Terra Watering Can for $11.99 and TerraCycle’s trademark All-Purpose Plant Food for $4.99 – $32.00 at major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, independent garden centers and online. Another classic TerraCycle product line includes school products including backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, notebooks, binders and more!

One of our most interesting gifts include foldable, portable and lightweight Eco-Speakers for $19.99, made from upcycled trash to tuneful treasure. Other unique items include tote bags, lunch sacks, toiletry cases and travel pouches made from repurposed USPS mail bags and upcycled tents. All USPS and tent products will be available online at www.uncommongoods.com. Lunch sacks will retail for $37.00, dopp kits for $38.00, and tote bags for $46.00. The Coin Pouch, Tote, and iPad Case will retail from $14.00 – $84.00.
For my review, we received the Capri Sun Rectangular Lunchbox, M&M’s Eco Speakers, and the Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit.

5 Gifts for Eco-lovers

When shopping for the “green” friend or loved one, it’s important to remember their ultimate concern is reducing waste. However, that is no excuse to not buy a gift. Instead, give a high quality gift they are guaranteed to appreciate or, alternatively, a gift made from recycled materials. Here are five affordable TerraCycle products available at select Walmart and Target stores and online. Coin Pouch
  • Recycled Material: USPS Mail Sacks
  • Price: $14.00
  • Description: This pouch is super sturdy and can hold a number of small items such as money, makeup, and small accessories.Each piece is custom handmade from a distinct mail sack and will differ in terms of graphics. Perfect gifts for the eco-fashionista who loves unique and one-of-a-kind accessories.
  • Upcycled Material: Capri Sun Pouches
  • Price: $21.99
  • Description: These fun school supplies are sure to get attention from classmates. The sight of the familiar juice pouches will make any co-ed nostalgic of their grade school days! These are exciting gifts for the cutesy co-ed who loves attention.
Speaker Set 
  • Recycled Material: M&M’s Wrappers
  • Price: $16.99
  • Description: A very practical gift for any co-ed—the “green” aspect is only a plus! This portable speaker set is made from 80 percent recycled materials and folds for easy storage. The 3.5 mm universal plug works with your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer. Available at Radio Shack.
Travel Toiletry Case
  • Upcycled Material: Tents
  • Price: $38.00
  • Description: Each unique piece is custom handmade from different parts of a tent. Perfect for the on the go, eco-friendly man in your life.
  • Upcycled Material: Wine Corks
  • Price: $19.99
  • Description: This classy gift will sparkle in any co-eds dorm room. If she needs a place to hang her to-do list, study guides, and family photos, why not make it eco-friendly?

TerraCycle: Upcycled and Recycled Unique Gifts and More

If you are looking for a great gift for your green-minded friends or family members, or even for someone who just loves unique and innovative items, look no further than TerraCycle!  This worldwide leader of recycling and upcycling previously non-recyclable or difficult to recycle waste has created an incredibly interesting collection of unique and affordable products.  Items such as school supplies, office supplies, home décor, toys, bags and products for the pets and garden are made from post-consumer waste items such as drink pouches, candy wrappers, pens, tape dispensers, diaper and make up packaging and so much more! I had the opportunity to review some of these incredibly neat items!  TerraCycle generously sent me a Capri Sun Drink Pouch Medium Pencil Case, a Capri Sun Binder and a set of M&M Eco Speakers.   I wasn’t really sure of what to expect as far as quality and durability, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Gifts for Anyone: Eco-Friendly TerraCycle Gifts

This holiday season, give an awesome, unique gift that helps the planet with one of the many cool upcycled items from TerraCycle. From backpacks made out of your kids used juice pouches to speakers crafted from M&M packages, you’ll find something for everyone on your list at TerraCycle. Plus, you can feel good knowing that your gift isn’t causing extra strain on the planet! I received two really cool items from TerraCycle for this review: the USPS Coin Pouch and the M&M speaker set. Both would make awesome gifts for just about anyone on your list.

The USPS Mail Sack Coin Pouch

A review of TerraCycle's recycled products

Do you like to keep the earth clean by recycling? I’m always finding ways to recycle. I’ve even got my daughter, who is only three, recycling. When someone tries to throw away a can or plastic bottle she will pull it out of the garbage and put it in the recycling bins we have. I think it’s great that she wants to help me keep things recycled. Makes me feel great that I’m helping my daughter learn to help keep the earth clean. I’m very excited to have had the chance to review some recycled products from Terracycle.

Give TerraCycle products as gifts this year and help outsmart waste!

A few weeks ago I was sent a set of M&M Eco Speakers from TerraCycle to try. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the quality of sound these tiny little speakers can project. The best part, they are eco-friendly!   The M&M Eco Speakers are portable, lightweight speakers that are made with recycled materials. Their 3.5 mm universal plug allows you to play music from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer. I was very excited to try these out on my iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  When you get them, they come flat and you simply fold them to form the speakers.  It is very easy to do!