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7. Mail bag pouch Once a USPS mail carrier’s bag, this heavy-duty zippered pouch is just the right size to hold your life — ID, cash, kes, credit cards, change. The canvas has been distressed the honest way. Weathered graphics recall its former life (mine says “MA,” which I like), and mine also has a couple black marks, maybe from getting or over or rubbing up against the carrier’s belt... there’s no end of imagining where it’s been.

Terracycle Ipad/tablet case

There are so many ways we can recycle things now a days, and Terracycle is one of the best ways to do this with bags of all kinds. They make some of the most awesome things from any kind of bag , I wanted to see for myself so i got myself a Ipad/tablet case . This is one of the best things and its recycled so its great for the earth. Made out of a old mail sack.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

What was once used to protect your mail can now be used to protect your email! TerraCycle’s iPad case is made from upcycled USPS mailbags, which are weatherproof and coated inside with gentle ultrasuede to protect your iPad or tablet from any surface damage.

Terracycle Gifts Review!

Most of us try to recycle when we can, but I recently read an article that stated as much as half of what we put in our recycle bins never gets recycled.  Then there are things that can be used again that we throw away all the time:  clothing, wrappers, bags and so many other things that you can’t even imagine.

TerraCycle Coin Pouch

TerraCycle has Unique Gift Ideas that are perfect for the hard to buy person on your list!! They have some amazing products that helps the environment as well which the older I get is more and more important to my family and I.  All of their high-quality products are all-natural and affordable as well, so it is a win, win in my book!


As regular readers know, Campus News is often asked to review items from companies large and small. We only review items that actually pertain to our audience, and then, after testing them, usually give them to staff and readers via our Facebook page. In our mailbag also came an actual mailbag! A small company called TerraCycle is making what they are saying is an iPad case made of recycled post-office mail bags. They are very unique, and do fit a 10” tablet fine. They have lots of little pockets, too. You should still have a protective case on your tablet – this offers little protection from bangs and drops – or you could just use this bag for carrying your note pads and various instruments. It seems suitable for a male or female.

Going #Green with @TerraCycle Eco friendly Products Review & Giveaway U.S. Ends 9/29

We have become a nation of consumers. We buy stuff, throw away the packaging that all of our stuff comes in and REPEAT. We are literally running out of landfills. In order to save our Earth we have to decrease our carbon footprint. Recycling the packaging from all of our stuff is a great way to start. Terracycle is the world's leader in upcycling and recycling previously non-recyclable post-consumer waste that would otherwise be destined for landfills.Terracycle has a complete line of affordable innovative products that were re-purposed from used packaging and products.

DIY design: Try this upcycle furniture project from TerraCycle

Tiffany Threadgould is living a DIY life. The Chief Design Junkie at TerraCycle, an international waste management company headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, grew up recycling. So when it came time to furnish her post-college New York City apartment on the cheap, upcycling was a natural next step. “I was just taking cast offs from the street and making things from found objects,” Threadgould says. “It wasn’t really environmental — it was more about cost.” - See more at: http://www.metro.us/newyork/lifestyle/home/2014/09/14/diy-design-try-upcycle-furniture-project-terracycle/#sthash.hj1PWGp4.dpuf