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TerraCycle Tuesday: Spotlight on Yogurt Container Brigade

Previously, this brigade only accepted stackable yogurt cups. I'm happy to announce through the upcoming Dairy Tub Brigade, we can now collect any kind, including non-stackables (like Yoplait, 4- and 6-packs, etc.). This information is not yet updated on the Yogurt Brigade page, so don't be misled that it only says stackable there. What can be TerraCycled in this category? Answer: any brand, size, and shape of yogurt container What does this waste get used for? Our yogurt cups are made into recycled plastic products that can themselves be recycled into more useful items!

Rigid Container Reincarnation

Designing packaging for second life implies reuse in a very permanent sense, rather than just refilling a plastic water bottle a few times before tossing it. This concept has the potential to entirely change the game for reusable packaging-as long as the trend can gain some momentum. Some concepts, explored as early as the 1970s, already have faded, but design for reuse is picking up steam once again and I am excited to see if it can reach its potential. Here are a few cool examples: Heineken “brick” bottleThe Heineken WOBO:This beer bottle was designed to be reused as a brick; with a square instead of a cylindrical build, the bottles could be stacked together, and with circular ridges on the sides, they wouldn’t slide off each other. Instead of being called a beer bottle that could be used a brick, it was dubbed “the brick that holds beer.” It’s no longer around, but it was certainly ahead of its time and led the way for reusable packaging design. PUMA’s Clever Little Bag: The bag is actually a shoebox that doubles as a shopping bag to carry the shoes out of the store and, later, tote around whatever else you’d like- groceries, books, clothes and more. It also reduces the amount of cardboard required and makes a plastic shopping bag obsolete.

Albe Zakes, TerraCycle: Outsmart waste, raise millions for charities & have global impact

Albe was one of my very first guests when I started Mrs. Green. We’ve come a long way baby! The tagline on their website? Eliminate The Idea of Waste. Love it! You also know I love numbers so ponder these and plan to join us: Number of people collecting trash through partnerships with Terracyle – 26,511,927. Waste units collected: 2,262,684,595. Dollars donated to charities: $3,491,776.12. Counting the days. This show sponsored by Environmental Development Group (EDG)

Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center: TerraCycle 2012 Goal: 300,000

Broward College's TerraCycle is one of nation's best collection program. TerraCycle pays for material collected. Money from the program go towards the Michelle Lawless Scholarship Fund which supports female Environmental Science majors. Last year the program collected more than 200,000 pieces. In 2012, the goal is 300,000. Trash to Treasure is a proud participant in the program. You can drop off your items at T2T during regular business hours.

TerraCycle Refresher Week: What Can Be TerraCycled?

For today's post during this TerraCycle Refresher week on our blog, I'm sharing a list and description of what items we collect for TerraCycle here at Blue Ridge. Glue Bottles/Sticks Any size Elmer's brand glue sticks and plastic glue bottles are acceptable. Only Elmer's please! We earn $0.02 per item.ri

Beyond recycling

The Bluffton Middle School is accepting certain trash for its upcycle program, a recycling-like initiative and fundraiser that earned the school more than $1,750 last year and about $700 so far this year. Unlike traditional recycling, upcycling, a term first created in 1994, does not break down products to incorporate them into other materials. Instead, upcycling is designed to essentially change the used product into a new product without breaking it down. Consider these examples from the TerraCycle website.
homework folder
clip board

Terracycle Founder Tom Szaky Interview

Terracycle is one of my favorite companies of all times and Tom Szaky is another living proof that one person can make a huge impact in the world, Terracycle has deviated over 2 billion units of trash from going to landfills, it has donated over $2 million dollars to schools and it has over 23 million people collecting trash! Here's an inspiring interview with Tom, a popular blogger at Treehugger and the face of the National Geographic show Garbage Moguls. What did you want to be when you were a kid? I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was 14, I started a web site design company called Flyte Design, and my interest in entrepreneurship continued to grow from there.