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Beautiful recycling by the Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts' Tioga Service Unit in Merced is teaming up with Terracycle and Garnier for a Personal Care and Beauty Brigade recycling event Saturday. Accepted waste includes lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases and tubes, shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, bronzer cases, foundation packaging, body wash containers, soap tubes, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, shaving foam tubes, powder cases, lotion bottles, lip-balm tubes, lotion tubes, face soap dispensers, face soap tubes, face lotion bottles and jars, eyeliner cases and pencils, concealer tubes and sticks, lip-liner pencils, hand lotion tubes, hair gel tubes and hair paste jars. Hair spray cans, nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottles cannot be accepted. The Scouts also need boxes for shipping — used, please, as they are trying to minimize waste. Items may be given to any Girl Scout or dropped off at the recycling event, which is 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at United Methodist Church, 899 Yosemite Parkway, Merced. Items made from the recycled products include paving stones, tote bags, coin purses, notebooks and pencil cases. They can be found at terracycle.com.

Hair Companies Seek Greener Futures

Every little bit counts. That's why Garnier and Pureology have both worked on making their packaging greener and helping the environment one bottle ofshampoo at a time. Pureology's new Zero Waste Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Packaging has drastically decreased the amount of energy used during production and transportation of their products. The new bottle design allows consumers to use every last drop which used to be practically impossible to squeeze out. The new 100% recyclable bottles also have educational messages to consumers, providing tips on how to conserve water and recycle. Garnier has also produced greener packaging, making almost half of the new bottles out of recycled materials. They, too, are working to teach their consumers to live a green life through their partnership with TerraCycle, a company founded by a Princeton freshman in 2001 that creates national recycling systems. Back labels will educate consumers how they can reduce their personal care packaging waste and join the company's "beauty brigade," a packaging collection drive. As for Garnier's products this season, they have new conditioner technology that will be in incorporated into Triple Nutrition and Sleek & Shine, their top sellers. The opaque gel texture soaks into each strand longer, creating softer, more well-conditioned hair. As companies move to a greener future, will you be more likely to purchase their products?

Knights of the Green Table at QE Public School runners-up

They’ve done it again! Queen Elizabeth School’s Knights of the Green Table Eco Club has taken the second runner-up prize in TerraCycle Canada’s recent Winter Trash to Cash waste collection contest, which recognizes the top collectors of TerraCycle’s numerous waste streams from across Canada during a two-month period.

Affordable Investments: Owned Media and Partnerships

Social media is popular for various reasons including the fact that it’s easy to reach people and that it’s free. Media such as advertising and marketing often is not free, so for many companies it is hard, if not impossible, to find room in the budget. For companies who don’t mind taking a leap of faith, there’s another option, one that TerraCycle relies heavily upon: owned media. I say “leap of faith” because sometimes you have to shell out some cash to create the owned media, and then be patient and wait for the fruit of your efforts to materialize. Here at TerraCycle, we just started a bi-weekly podcast that documents eco-tips, eco-news, and features interviews with key players from our partners such as Elmer’s, Dropps, and Garnier as well as leading voices from the sustainable industry.

De-connecting and eco-cycology in 2012

But other companies are catching this green fire. The outdoor-outfitting company Patagonia, for example, says any old item bought from Patagonia can be returned for recycling into new fiber or fabric; the company claims to have taken in 45 tons of clothing for recycling – and from this, it has made 34 tons into new clothes. French shampoo-maker Garnier began partnering with the nonprofit Terracycle to offer free collection and recycling of all personal-care and beauty products; bags filled with shampoo bottles could be sent by UPS with Garnier picking up the tab.

Qual é a sequência da reciclagem? As marcas vão recolher todos os seus produtos

A marca francesa de cosméticos Garnier estabeleceu parceria com a instituição beneficente ambiental dos EUA Terracycle em abril de 2011 para organizar o programa Personal Care & Beauty Brigade (Brigada da Beleza e dos Cuidados Pessoais). A brigada se ofereceu para recolher e reciclar de graça todos os produtos relacionados a cuidados pessoais e a beleza entre cidades norte-americanas, onde os participantes podiam reciclar embalagens de cosméticos (e receber em troca pontos ou dinheiro). As embalagens descartadas são então usadas para produzir equipamento de playground por todos os EUA. Sacolas cheias também podiam ser enviadas de graça pela UPS, com todo o custo pago pela Garnier.

TerraCycle Refresher Week: What Can Be TerraCycled?

For today's post during this TerraCycle Refresher week on our blog, I'm sharing a list and description of what items we collect for TerraCycle here at Blue Ridge. Glue Bottles/Sticks Any size Elmer's brand glue sticks and plastic glue bottles are acceptable. Only Elmer's please! We earn $0.02 per item.ri