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Où les contenants des produits cosmétiques terminent-ils une fois vides?

D’après le rapport sur les tendances  COTY de 2011, les Canadiens ont dépensé environ 471 687 808 $ en soins du visage et les soins des ongles sont le secteur qui connaît la plus forte progression de ventes durant l’année  2010. Ces chiffres sont en augmentation par rapport à l’année précédente et il y a de fortes chances pour que les ventes de ces types de produits continuent de progresser dans les années à venir – et ceci n’inclut pas les produits cosmétiques, de soins des mains et du corps ainsi que tous les autres produits de soins personnels et de beauté. Mais où est-ce que tous ces produits terminent une fois vides

Canadians Welcome, Eh Sponsor: TerraCycle

I was excited when TerraCycle Canada agreed to be part of the Canadian’s Welcome, Eh giveaway because I think the company does a great service to the world by turning trash into such cool things. Although they’ve been around since 2001, I first heard about them when I was flipping through the channels and came across their Garbage Moguls show that was on a few years ago. I loved watching them come up with creative ways to recycle things like old dog food bags into brand new products.  I received their Teddy Grahams tote bag for review, and it’s absolutely adorable. It’s really well made too, with strong stitching that will definitely hold up to whatever you put in there. Plus it wipes clean really easy, making it perfect for the beach or picnics.

Kids show the way on recycling

In honour of Earth Month, TerraCycle Canada is recognizing its top 10 waste-collecting schools. Hamilton’s Holbrook Elementary School placed seventh, diverting 7,448 units of waste from landfills during the past six months – September 2011 to February 2012. The school collects drink pouches, personal care and beauty packaging, plastic diaper packaging, inkjets, e-waste (cell phones and laptops) and coffee packaging through Brigades® programs sponsored by brands such as Kool-Aid, Garnier, Huggies and Tas- simo. Holbrook School earns anywhere from two points (equal to $0.02) to 500 points (equal to $5.00) for every piece of waste received.

Recycling Beauty Products with TerraCycle & Garnier

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet on my feed that was promoted by Garnier. They had partnered up with a company named Terracyle to start a personal care and beauty recycling brigade. I looked into the program and I thought that it was a pretty cool idea so I signed up. It’s so simple and it’s a great way to divert more garbage getting into landfills when it could be recycled. For every item that is sent in, you earn $.02 which eventually can be redeemed for charity gifts or donated to a non-profit or school of your choice. So now you’re doing two great things: recycling even more AND helping out your community!

Descubra o que fazer com embalagens vazias de maquiagem

Retornável: certas marcas e linhas de produtos se responsabilizam por recolher essas embalagens vazias. O famosa programa da MAC “Back 2 MAC” (De volta para a MAC) encoraja a reciclagem. Devolvendo seis embalagens vazias de produto para a loja você ganha um batom de sua escolha. A Garnier faz o mesmo na campanha TerraCycle, o programa envia na sua casa um malote já pago para que você devolva para eles embalagens de maquiagem e produtos para rosto e cabelos. Vale a pena!

Recycled Beauty: How to Responsibly Dump Your Used Makeup

Finished a beauty product? We know—it’s a rarity in our world. We’ve only reached the elusive empty pan so many times in our lives, so it’s difficult to imagine the life cycle of a product after you’ve actually used it up! But an empty bottle isn’t an excuse to toss the remains in the trash, and a product junkie doesn’t have to forsake eco-responsibility in the name of beauty. In honor of Earth Day, let’s rethink the afterlife of used makeup merchandise.


If you've got the urge to purge, some beauty brands will do the heavy lifting for you. MAC's famous Back 2 MAC program encourages recycling at the source. If you bring back six empty plastic containers to your local counter, they'll take the goods and gift you a lipstick of your choice! How's that for eco-incentive? For any other products, Garnier has teamed up with TerraCycle to responsibly dispose of makeup, skin care, and hair care bottles you don’t know what to do with. They send you a prepaid mailer, and you send them your stash!

The Garnier Beauty Brigade

April is Earth Month – a time to grow your green lifestyle, to celebrate the environment, and to keep the world healthy!  So, did you know you can easily keep the world glowing with a Shampoo?  Seriously – Lather. Rinse. Save the World. Many Shampoos clean up your hair, but dirty up the environment, leaving nasty chemicals in our water supply.  Garnier Fructis Pure Clean is different – the formulas are 92% biodegradable and contain no silicones, parabens or dyes so you can love the earth and love your hair! The bottles are green, too.  Made from PET, the most widely recycled plastic, and 50% recycled plastic so you’re helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and saving resources.


Independent Gemini doesn’t like to be tied down by anything. Even a beauty routine with too many steps could send her running for the hills! Keeping life simple in every possible way is her main goal, so Garnier Fructis Pure Clean 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner is exactly what she needs. This new, unique, 92% biodegradable wonder is crystal clear and does both of its jobs to soft, shining perfection in one fell swoop! She can also team with Garnier and TerraCycle to keep all kinds of beauty packaging out of landfills by signing up for their Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, a free collection program for hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging. For each piece of waste returned, collectors earn points toward charity gifts or donations! Pick up your Garnier multitasker at mass retailers nationwide and become a recycling warrior atwww.terracycle.com.