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Kashi Love & TerraCycle

TerraCycle was founded by a brainiac college student back in 2001 & started as organic fertilizer company {ever see the  worm poop in an upcycled soda bottle?} in addition ~ they run free national collection programs to collect wrappers from tons of products from companies like Frito Lay (Pepsi), Kraft Foods, Stonyfield Farm, Mars Wrigley {and many more.} from schools & non-profits & regular people like you & me!

Kraft recycles the un-recyclable

he new deal, which sees the company’s procurement and supply chain operation take the lead in contract negotiation and licensing agreements, follows the example set by the company’s US arm, which has been working with TerraCycle, a company which specialises in giving otherwise redundant waste packaging a new lease of life through products such as bags, for the past six years. Under the new scheme, packaging used in Kraft’s Kenco and Tassimo brands, as well as unusable packaging from its food factories, will be ‘upcycled’ alongside post-consumer waste.