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Loblaw joins sustainable packaging program Loop

First announced earlier this year, Loop is a program from global recycling company TerraCycle, which has partnered with retailers and brands to create sustainable, reusable packaging for products in an effort to reduce waste. After placing an online order for grocery, household and personal care products, the products are delivered in a special, reusable tote. The packaging– which is designed to be specific to each brand and product – is placed back in the tote once it is used and returned to Loop for reuse. Products can be ordered for one-time use, or set to auto-refill once they are returned.

Clorox joins brands in Loop reusable packaging program

Clorox joins brands in Loop reusable packaging program Several major manufacturers are onboard for the circular use pilot. The Clorox Company (NYSE: CLX) has added two of its popular products to the list of items available through the TerraCycle Loop circular sustainable shopping pilot program. First announced at the World Economic Forum in January, Loop enables consumers to purchase commonly-used products in customized, durable packaging that is delivered in a reusable shipping tote. The initiative aims to establish a new model that supports responsible consumption and ends society’s dependence on disposability. Once products are used, consumers place the packaging in a special tote for free pickup, then Loop hygienically cleans the packaging, replenishes the products and returns them to the consumer. TerraCycle partnered with UPS to design its reusable, easily-cleanable tote to handle both liquids and dry goods over multiple uses, Recycling Today reported. The pilot program is available in the mid-Atlantic region of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Clorox crisp lemon disinfecting wipes and Hidden Valley Original Ranch topping and dressing will be available through the program, and the company plans to add a Glad food protection product to the platform later this year. Other products available through the Loop program include Procter & Gamble brands including Tide detergent, Cascade dishwashing products, Pantene haircare items and Oral-B dental care. “We are building on more than 180 years of innovation and world-class consumer insight to enable responsible consumption at scale,” Carolyn Tastad, P&G’s(NYSE: PG) Group President - North America, said. “We’re proud to partner with TerraCycle as the first CPG company to be part of this program as we work to accelerate sustainable innovation and explore new circular solutions that consumers love.” Companies including Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Danone, Mars Petcare, Mondelēz International are also onboard, per CNN, for a total of about 300 products. The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) and Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) are founding retail partners with Loop, and consumers in the pilot region can shop for products through www.thekrogerco.com/loop orwww.walgreens.com/loop, and in the future, the retailers hope to enable consumers to purchase Loop products in stores in select locations.  

Reusable packages are coming to Walgreens and Kroger

Kroger and Walgreens have joined an experimental new project that gives shoppers the opportunity to buy products in reusable packaging.
The two retailers will be part of the Loop platform, a service that offers shoppers a greener alternative to recycling. It's launching as a pilot program in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC on Tuesday.
Several major companies have vowed to reduce packaging waste by helping improve recycling infrastructure, using more recycled materials in their packaging and more. But Loop's proponents argue reusable packaging is even more effective than recycling at reducing consumers' environmental impact. Even recyclable single-use packages get thrown out in areas where recycling is unavailable or confusing to consumers. And packages made with recycled goods require energy to be produced. Reusable containers just need to be cleaned and shipped.
Products sold on Loop are packaged in reusable containers.
Loop intends to make reusable packages mainstream by developing a new way to shop, featuring hundreds of well-known items (from Tide detergent to Pantene shampoo, Häagen-Dazs ice cream to Crest mouthwash).
It works as a delivery service: Participants use the products and put the empty containers in a Loop tote on their doorstep. The containers are then picked up by a delivery service, cleaned and refilled, and shipped out to consumers again. Like the milk man, Loop holds onto a deposit for the packages to ensure that they are returned.
Consumers can also pick up their products and drop off empty packages at participating retailers. That's where retailers like Kroger and Walgreens come in. For now, customers have to sign up for the pilot program to gain access to the reusable goods at participating retailers. But eventually, the program will be open to regular shoppers.
"Innovative collaborations with partners like Loop are critical to solving the complex issue of reducing single-use plastics," Lauren Brindley, Walgreens group vice president of beauty and personal care, said in a statement. "Our customers look to us to innovate so that together we can reduce waste and increase re-use."
For now, Loop is still in test mode. The service, which was first announced during the World Economic Forum in January, is serving a limited number of people. Loop also launched a pilot program in Paris last week.

Loop launches pilot, unveils U.S. retail partners

The Loop™ circular shopping system has officially launched its pilot program in the Mid-Atlantic region of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and has announced Kroger Co and Walgreens, respectively the country’s largest grocery retailer and one of the largest pharmacy chains, as the founding retailers in the U.S. The news came at a media event held at the offices of The World Economic Forum in New York City May 21.

The New Recycling Is Called 'Recommerce'

That’s the goal of “Loop,” a durable packaging initiative run by New Jersey-based recycling company TerraCycle that debuted at the World Economic Forum earlier this year. This week, Loop began its U.S. trial, allowing consumers to use steel, glass and durable plastic reusable packaging for everyday items. Kroger Co. and Walgreens, along with such consumer brands as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, The Clorox Co. and Unilever, are taking part.