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לקראת יום כדור הארץ: שיתוף פעולה בין שטראוס לחברת המחזור העולמית טרהסייקל

חברת המחזור הבינלאומית – טרהסייקל – מגיעה לישראל בכדי למחזר זרמי פסולת בלתי-מתכלים – כגון, שקיות חטיפים – ולייצר מהם מוצרים ידידותיים לסביבה.

Sustainable Brands Community

Albe Zakes is the 27 year-old Global VP, Media Relations at TerraCycle, Inc., the world’s leading ‘upcycling’ company, which converts difficult-to-recycle waste materials into eco-friendly, affordable products available at major retailers worldwide. TerraCycle partners with major CPG companies like Kraft Food, Nestle, L’Oreal, Mars and PepsiCo to run community based collection fundraisers that function both as innovative packaging reclamation initiatives and cause-related marketing programs.

Recycling Efforts Continue with TerraCycle

As a proactive way to help the environment and also raise money for charity, Saint Xavier University students are being highly encouraged to take part in the university’s terracycling efforts. Although the terracycling program has already had a strong presence at the university, one of the program’s main organizers— Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ)—would like SXU students to become more informed on what exactly terracycling is. “It’s a program created to recycle things that normally aren’t recyclable,” said Rachael Dean, president of MSPJ, as she briefly summed up the main purpose ofterracycling. Besides mentioning the program’s main mission, Dean also further commented on what occurs to the items that are collected through theterracycling bins. “We collect all these items and we send them to the company. The company then sorts through it and they make things out of what we gave them,” said Dean. The terracycling program, as Dean said, creates different items from many of the things that have been put into its bins. Several of the items manufactured include pouches, backpacks, totes and even notebooks.

Six strategies for partnering with big brands

A must-follow checklist for small businesses looking to connect with powerhouse companies like Wal-Mart. Tom Szaky didn’t even try to get his product–a worm excrement fertilizer packed in a recycled bottle–into small retailers when he started TerraCycle six years ago. Instead, he reached as high as he could: Wal-Mart. “If I want to be big and do it quickly, the best way … is to work with the world’s biggest companies,” he says. “They can accelerate your cycle much more quickly than any other company can.” The Trenton, N.J.-based company’s first big partnership with Wal-Mart in Canada was just the start of what has become a $14 million business. TerraCycle now gathers unrecyclable trash and converts it into products and packaging for such big brands as Kraft, Pepsi and Mars. Last year, corporate partners spent $45 million on TerraCycle-related marketing–far more than Szaky could have ever done alone.

TerraCycle’s Upcycling Valentine’s Day Program

Once again TerraCycle is at the forefront of upcycling and reusing products for a brighter future for all of us. They are ready for Valentine’s Day with a few DIY upcycling ideas. While cleaning up trash doesn’t seem like a romantic way to spend the day, you can celebrate the holiday and effect real-world change with special Valentine’s Day items, products and decorations in Trash Tycoon, Facebook’s first upcycling game from Guerillapps and TerraCycle. In the game, you can clean up trash and upcycle it to fun products like necklaces, Valentine’s Day cards and heart shaped wreaths to send to friends or to decorate your town. Players’ hearts will swell because Trash Tycoon creates positive social impact by donating 10% of in-game dollars to environmental projects sponsored by CarbonFund.org.

Do-it-Yourself bracelets made of Kraft Cheese wrappers

The best Valentine gifts are not bought in stores but are the ones that are homemade and come straight from the heart and for the bracelet straight from the garbage. Whether you make a bracelet for that special Valentine or one for each of your friends, recipients will be touched that you took the time to give them a handmade gift. Terracycle offers this one of a kind unique bracelet pattern made from Kraft cheese wrappers. With simple, do-it-yourself instructions available for download here: bit.ly/ValentineBraceletDIY, these bracelets are sure to be a hit with children of all ages while also educating them on the importance of recycling and upcycling. You can also check out this video for step-by-step instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1iIq1U9PEw&feature=youtu.be

Making trash too valuable to toss: TerraCycle creates new consumer products from nonrecyclable packaging waste

In addition to "upcycling," or directly reusing materials to create new ones, TerraCycle also grinds and reprocesses items like pens and glue bottles into plastic lumber, trash cans, watering cans and planting pots. "Take a walk around your local supermarket," suggests Albe Zakes, director of publicity for TerraCycle. "A vast majority of the consumer packaging that you're going to find is non-recyclable." He starts to list products: candy wrappers, chip bags, drink pouches, pens, glue bottles, tape dispensers ... And it becomes obvious that this guy has thought a lot about trash.

Espresso i en fart

Tassimo er en fuldautomatisk kapselmaskine til varme drikke skabt af Bosch og Kraft Foods. Tassimo er netop kommet på markedet i Danmark. ... Men det, der er ekstra smart, er, at emballagen genbruges. Kraft Foods og TerraCycle har indgået et samarbejde, der betyder, at forbrugere kan sende emballagen (portofrit) til TerraCycle, der sørger for genanvendelse i andre produkter.