TerraCycle & Taco Bell Partner to Keep Hot Sauce Packets Away from Landfills

image.png A new recycling initiative in partnership with TerraCycle, select Taco Bell® locations, alongside several community spaces all located throughout Mercer County, including Trenton’s 590 S Broad Street Taco Bell location, are helping to divert used hot sauce packets away from landfills. “This recycling initiative empowers local Taco Bell® locations and community spaces to promote sustainable initiatives in their own towns while encouraging residents to take an active role in helping to preserve the environment,” said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “Our aim is to provide an opportunity for entire communities like Trenton to collect waste and be part of the solution to keep these packets out of landfills and the environment.” With 8.2 billion Taco Bell hot sauce packets used each year in the U.S., this pilot program aims to give packets a spicier new life as a new recycled product. “Through this recycling initiative, we seek to empower local communities to take action to keep empty sauce packets out of landfills and the environment, ensuring the waste is given a second life. At the end of the program, the collected sauce packet material will be recycled into picnic tables to be donated to local parks throughout Mercer County,” said Zachary Dominitz, TerraCycle’s Senior Vice President of Account Management. This program will be available through Earth Day (April 22, 2022), and consumers are encouraged to bring all brands and types of empty, used sauce packets to participating drop-off sites for recycling. Once collected, the waste will be sent to TerraCycle, where it will be cleaned and melted into hard plastic and remolded into new recycled products. To get classmates, friends, family members, and neighbors involved in the program, participants are encouraged to share online how they are recycling with #RecycleYourSauce. “By partnering with TerraCycle, we have found a unique way to extend the life cycle of Taco Bell’s hot sauce packets and increase recycling in our restaurants. We’re aiming to improve recycling rates through education and engagement, so this partnership is giving our fans the knowledge and access to recycle the hot sauce packets they love,” said Missy Schaaphok, Taco Bell’s Director of Global Nutrition & Sustainability. To search for the nearest participating location in Mercer County to recycle sauce packets, visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/pages/taco-bell-pilot-locations.

L’OCCITANE’s Marie Videau on driving sustainability through research

For Marie Videau, Group General Manager for Research and Development at L’OCCITANE, the company serves two clients, consumers and nature. How can the travel retail industry reduce packaging waste? There are two main options – either reducing or eliminating waste. One way is with dissolvable packaging or simply by reducing plastic use. It is idealistic to think that we can totally suppress plastic, but we can reduce and recycle it. We work with TerraCycle which recycles waste into new products and cooperate with new entities such as Carbios that offers enzymatic recycling of plastic.

Sólo el 35% de los residuos municipales en España se envían a reciclar

TerraCycle, compañía especializada en el tratamiento de residuos difíciles de reciclar por los sistemas tradicionales, ha recogido en España más de 9,4 millones de productos difíciles de reciclar en sus 10 años de trayectoria en el país. Solo en 2021 ha recogido más de 20.000 Kgs de residuos rechazados para darles una segunda vida. Material de escritura, maquinillas de afeitar, cápsulas de café, productos de higiene bucal y cartuchos y tóners de impresora son algunos de los residuos que TerraCycle recoge para evitar que acaben en el vertedero y transformarlos en nuevos productos.

Impress Your Valentine With Upcycled Hearts

ByPatti Roth

FEB 7, 2022
Hanging heart decorations
Hearts express affection for your favorite people. Hearts designed with upcycled materials express affection for your planet. If you prefer an Earth-friendly twist for your Valentine’s Day accoutrements, plenty of artists, artisans, and DIYers are poised to satisfy your (upcycled) heart’s desire.

Hearts To Buy Made From Upcycled Materials

Wine Barrels

John Heilman of WineyGuys on Etsy focuses his handiwork on recycling  Napa Valley wine barrels, including the metal rings that hold each barrel’s wooden planks in place. With those rings, he forms heart-shaped hoops.  Some feature a worn rustic vibe, enhancing the reworked piece’s personality. Left as is, Heilman’s Etsy description explains, galvanized steel hearts may be scratched, dinged, or discolored. Personalized wine barrel heart from Winey GuysImage: WineyGuys

Water Bottles

Anne Marie of RescuedWaterBottles on Etsy is enthusiastic about reducing litter in her local parks. She picks up and recycles plastic bottles, reserving an allotment as a resource for her handcrafted dangling heart earrings and other jewelry. Upcycled plastic bottle heart earringsImage: RescuedWaterBottles, Etsy“I decided to try cutting one of the water bottles I had rescued into a small shape and painting it. It was so much fun! I could actually design the whole project. And they were so light, I could wear larger earrings without tiring my ears,” Anne Marie says. “My daughter encouraged me to open an Etsy shop. So now I can share with the world my love for creating earrings, cleaning up our beautiful parks, and upcycling disposable plastic into something beautiful and lasting.” Upcycled plastic bottle heart jewelryImage: RescuedWaterBottles, Etsy

Avocado Pits

Avocados are delicious. And the pits are definitely delightful in the hands of Anna Ark. Anna uses a knife to form exciting designs with the pits, including heart-shaped pendants. The variety of styles includes etched hearts, scallops, and other patterns. Some pendants feature rose quartz inserts. Anna’s work is on Etsy, @avocado_hearts on Instagram, and on YouTube. Heart-shaped pendant carved from avocado heart from Anna Ark, EtsyImage: Anna Ark, Etsy

DIY Projects for Upcycled Heart

Heart Boxes

  • TerraCycle teamed up with Entenmann’s for a DIY video that shows how an empty food box is formed into an adorable gift box embellished with a heart, which doubles as a clasp.
  • Lindarose92 demonstrates her upcycling idea for a fancy, swirly DIY heart box on Instructables. She uses brown paper grocery bags for quilling strips.
Heart box, InstructablesImage: lindarose92, Instructables

Heart  Seat

Ipxav offers directions on Instructables for a “strong and durable” DIY seat in the shape of a heart. “Let’s recycle cardboard into useful furniture!” the Instructables website states. To show off the sturdy form, Ipxav includes a photo of himself standing on the seat.  “I worked with recycled materials because it is adding value to potential rubbish. Doing more with less and [letting] the magic happen with DIY,” Ipxav says. DIY upcycled cardboard seat, InstructablesImage: Ipxav, Instructables

More DIY Projects

  • Laura Beth Love employs pages from old books, sheet music, and other recycled papers for her upcycled paper hearts. Watch her YouTube tutorial for instructions.
  • Yoghima emphasizes recycling household items, such as newspaper and cardboard, for a heart-shaped photo frame and wall décor. Find the instructions on Instructables.

Other Upcycled Hearts To Adore

Artist Franciso Sheuat works with discarded aluminum cans to create his vibrant heart sculptures. Some are string-art style. Others are mosaics. “I use recycled aluminum cans in order to share my commitment to a greener planet, so recycling and reuse are an ongoing theme in my work,” Sheuat says. Heart-shaped upcycled wall hangings by Franciso SheuatImage: Franciso SheuatJean from WinterWomanDesigns delights in repurposing discarded bike parts. “Hiding under all the grease and dirt are some really cool things and I love turning them into something beautiful and functional,” she says. Her upcycled designs include heart necklaces formed with stainless steel spokes. Heart pendant made from upcycled bicycle spokeImage: WinterWomanDesigns, EtsyFlatware Fantasies on Etsy repurposes vintage silverware into heart pendants. The varied styles include hearts formed with silver-plated fork tines and silver spoons. Heart-shaped pendant made from upcycled flatwareImage: FlatwareFantasies, EtsyWilly Wires showcases the lively patterns on decorative tins, slicing and sanding them into heart-shaped earrings. Heart-shaped earrings made from upcycled tinsImage: WillyWires, EtsyRedeemedCrayons on Etsy melts broken and leftover bits of crayon, forming fresh, fun, and usable coloring implements, including hearts. upcycled heart-shaped crayonsImage: RedeemedCrayons

Dentist sets up drop off point to recycle oral care products

A DENTIST has set up a public drop-off location for residents to recycle their oral care products and packaging. Dr Hannah Neve, a dentist at Queens Park Dental Team has signed up to the Colgate and Hello Oral Care Recycling Programme offered by TerraCycle, the world leaders in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. Much of this waste is rarely included in local kerbside recycling collections, and is often destined for landfill or incineration

Beniel se convierte en el primer municipio de la Región que recoge maquinillas de afeitar para reciclarlas

El municipio de Beniel se ha convertido en el primero de la Región de Murcia en el que se han habilitado puntos para reciclar maquinillas de afeitar usadas, con el fin de darles una segunda vida y transformarlas en jaboneras u otros productos de baño. Así, la farmacia de Ana Garrido, en la Avenida Calvo Sotelo, se ha inscrito como punto de recogida del Programa de reciclaje de maquinillas de afeitar impulsado por TerraCycle, compañía especializada en el tratamiento de residuos difíciles de reciclar, y BIC, la marca de papelería, encendedores y maquinillas de afeitar.