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Doncaster mum recycles other people's 'unrecyclables' to raise cash for charity

Karen James from Rossington has collected nearly 20,000 items which are not accepted by Doncaster Council for recycling.
She has set up a publicly accessible drop-off point at her home on Bond Street, allowing the whole community to send “unrecyclable” packaging and products for recycling.
For each shipment of material she sends to waste firm TerraCycle, Karen receives a monetary reward which she donates to the RSPCA.

Le Champ-Saint-Père. L’Amicale laïque favorise le recyclage des objets

À l’initiative de Natacha Faivre de Terracycle et de l’Amicale laïque, les enfants de l’école Jacques-Yves Cousteau sont sensibilisés à l’idée de recycler des objets usuels.

Un geste pour la planete, des fonds pour l’Amicale

Terracycle propose à ceux qui le souhaitent d’allier une démarche solidaire à un geste positif pour la planète, en collectant les déchets non acceptés par les filières de tri traditionnelles.

Reading woman saves 5 million pieces of waste from landfill

A woman from Reading has saved five million pieces of waste from landfill and incineration. Ali Chaney, from Three Miles Cross, has collected Marigold gloves, sweet wrappers and beauty products over nine years which can’t be recycled by the council.
She sends to TerraCycle to be processed and turned into picnic tables, outdoor furniture, and lumber for use in construction.