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TerraCycle at WALMART!!!!

WOW!! This is so exciting!! After months of collecting, sorting, packaging and mailing, we are getting a chance to see the products that all the trash is being turned into at our local WalMart. Now to see if it is a success. You can help make it a success by stopping by your local WalMart and purchasing one of these great new products. Listed below are all the details of what is available in most stores. Show your support of your schools and purchase a bag. ALSO there is a way to turn the dollars you spent buying to also support your school. Save your receipt and contact your schools TerraCycle representative to learn how.

Palmetto Elementary Turns Trash into Treasure

Teachers at Palmetto Elementary School used to see a lot of used drink pouches get thrown away.  Now they earn two cents for every one of those pouches they collect and return to a company called TerraCycle, who uses their non-recyclable waste to make affordable, eco-friendly products. This school year so far, the enthusiastic students at Palmetto have diverted over 15,500 pieces of waste from going into a landfill and this has earned their school over $300! “We found the Brigades to be a great opportunity to teach our students about recycling as well as help raise money for our school,” said Cindy Stavisky, the teacher who signed the school up for the program.  “With the money we earn, we are going to rebuild our Pre-K playground, making it more accessible for all students as well as an advanced educational environment!” The school is part of a free nationwide program called “Brigades®’ that pays schools and non-profits to collect non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill.  Now the programs are coming full circle back to Orlando through an exciting partnership with local WalmartÒ locations.

Products Made from Waste Available at Walmart Through April

TerraCycle collects waste which is normally non-recyclable, such as candy wrappers, chip bags, and juice pouches, and makes hundreds of eco-friendly products with them. This year, almost 60 of the company’s products will be sold in evert Walmart store across the US for the month of April, exposing millions of customers to these unique items, and perhaps sparking some conversations about the life cycle of products and packaging.

New TerraCycle Products in Walmart

A whole bunch of brand new TerraCycle items will be available, during April for a limited time only, at every single Walmart across the country. Starting April 5th, nearly 60 TerraCycle products will be sold right next to the original items they were made from. Cheetos kites and tote bags made from Frito-Lay wrappers will be sold with bags of Frito-Lay chips, while notebooks and purses made out of skittles and M&M wrappers will be sold right next to bags of Mars Candy!