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The Cause Marketing Masters Series Presents: Cause Marketing Lessons from the TerraCycle Experience

Since 2001, TerraCycle has risen from a dorm-room start-up selling worm poop-based plant food into a internationally-known growth business.   Its focus: providing consumer packaged goods companies and retailers with cause marketing programs and nonprofits with fundraising opportunities. TerraCycle has over 70,000 schools and charities collecting waste globally and they have earned collectively almost 4 million dollars just by recycling more! Whether you work for a large company, a start-up or an NGO, you'll pick up valuable lessons from Global VP Albe Zakes based on Terracyle's decade of turning "waste into wonder".

Can Saving Trash Help Raise Money for Your Nonprofit?

“If you just leave your bag of garbage by your front door I’ll stop by and grab it on my way to work.” This probably isn’t something most people Facebook message their friends about at 10:00 at night. But, not only is this really a message sent to me from a friend a few nights ago, but I also really did run and, excitedly, pull a bag of garbage I’d been saving for her out of the closet and set it by my front door.

TerraCycle To Launch Upcycling Program for Disposable Diapers

TerraCycle, the New Jersey-based company that specializes in upcycling waste packaging into durable consumer products, will soon launch a program for disposable diapers, according to Waste & Recycling News. Ernie Simpson, global vice president of research and development for Terracycle, says the company is 90 percent finished with the development of a continuous process for collecting, sterilizing and processing used diapers. Certain parts of the diaper will be compostable, and the remaining materials will be upcycled into plastic lumber, pallets and outdoor furniture.

Alex M & M’s Candy Wrapper Jewelry

Make your child's craft time with Alex M&M's Candy Wrapper Jewelry. Alex has partnered with Terracycle to create this fun jewelry activity, which repurposes unused M&M's candy wrappers that would otherwise end up in landfills. Make bracelets, headbands, and belts with a simple linking pattern. Help the planet and make a fashion statement, too! Personalize Your Design with Different Materials Candy Wrapper Jewelry uses upcycled M&M's candy wrappers and a simple adhesive and folding pattern to create bracelets, headbands, and belts of varying sizes and designs. Upcycling means finding a new use for a material that would otherwise end up in the trash, and Alex's partnership with Terracycle has made sure that your child is able to take part in that process! This kit includes over 200 pre-cut, shiny, multicolored M&M's wrappers to give your child's creations some extra flair. Kids can use their imaginations to choose different color combinations and patterns, tie projects together with a suede cord or elastic band, and finish with a bead of their choice. Fold and Link to Create Your Look The included assembly instructions make jewelry crafting simple with both visual and written instructions for a thorough description. The pattern includes five steps of wrapper folding per link, and it isn't long before the links begin to form a glossy, sturdy chain. Our testers enjoyed using the glue stick cap as a burnishing tool, but keep an eye on the exposed glue stick, or ... ( see LINK for video)

Vi bliver alle skraldemænd

Bæredygtighed var atter et hovedtema på Copenhagen Design Week, men i år fokuserede man på de store linjer i produktionen - bl.a. den fineste form for genbrug, upcycling, der handler om at opgradere skrald. ... En af pionererne inden for upcycling er det New Jersey-baserede firma TerraCycle, der blev startet i 2001 af to studerende fra Princeton University, som havde held med at lade orme omdanne universitetskantinens affald til gødning.