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Dog rescue wins national recycling contest

The Boston Terrier Rescue Canada is kind to dogs… and the environment! Congrats to this organization for winning the 2018 “Recycling Revolution” contest.

  Last year, the Hain Celestial “Recycling Revolution” contest was launched as a way to motivate organizations, schools, families and individuals across Canada to reduce their environmental footprint. They were invited to participate in one of five free recycling programs, competing with other entrants by collecting recyclable packaging from various participating companies. The winner? A dog rescue!   Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) collected the most pieces of flexible food packaging waste during the contest period. They won a bench made from recycled materials, as well as $300 in TerraCycle points that are redeemable for cash payment to their organization.   “Boston Terrier Rescue Canada loves collecting items for TerraCycle Canada’s various recycling programs,” says volunteer Patti Johnson. “Since our volunteers are spread across Canada, this type of fundraiser allows them to participate no matter where they live. It’s an awesome bonus that we get to help the environment while raising funds for BTRC.”  

TerraCycle and Hain Celestial Partner to award leading used packaging collector

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada has won a new bench made from recycled plastics through this year's "Recycling Revolution" collection contest, courtesy of Hain Celestial, one of Canada's largest producers of organic and natural food products, and Toronto-based recycling company TerraCycle Canada.  Boston Terrier Rescue Canada collected the most pieces of flexible food packaging waste during the contest period to win the recycled bench, as well as $300 in TerraCycle points that are redeemable for cash payment to their organization.

John Wanless wants your snack pouches, tetra paks: Bedford Park school helps turn hard-to-recycle packaging into picnic tables

John Wanless Junior Public School has revisited an old ally, recycling company TerraCycle, in its pursuit of being eco-friendly. In December, the Bedford Park school restarted its Snack Pouch, Schneider Lunch Mate and Yves Veggie Cuisine recycling program. At the helm is Grade 6 teacher Lisa Higginbottom. Students collect the waste that traditional recycling methods, such as municipal governments, don’t have the budgets to cover. Higginbottom first started the program in 2010 after a student brought in a product that had been the result of Terracyle’s recycling process. After three years of dedication, when she went on maternity leave, the program remained idle.

Support Brands That Participate in TerraCycle With These 12 Vegan Products

We live in a world of packaging. Unless you buy every single food item in bulk, never buy pre-made snacks or meals, and never grab a snack on a whim at a nearby bodega, there’s a very good chance you have a decent amount of packaging in your house. While some things, like cardboard cereal boxes, Tetrapacks, and glass bottles, are a bit easier to sort, there are other items like chip bags, juice pouches, and bar wrappers that don’t seem to belong in any particular recycling bin. With this problem in mind, TerraCycle was born. This innovative recycling program allows consumers to send in material they can’t recycle on their own and allow TerraCycle to take care of it. While TerraCycle has programs that require consumers to purchase special boxes where they can send waste in, the company also partners with different brands and companies to offer free recycling programs. Pretty much what this entails is TerraCycle sending a packing box or envelope to your home, you filling it up with the waste from a particular brand, sending it back for free, and subsequently feeling good about helping bring down the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Then TerraCycle finds better uses for the material. Pretty good deal for all! Want to participate? Check out these 12 brands that have partnered with TerraCycle to get started. Happy recycling!

Celebrate Earth Day with Gluten-free Products That Give Back

April 22 is Earth Day, a great opportunity for you to think about reducing your carbon footprint. One easy way to give back is by supporting brands that are environmentally friendly, and recycling or composting packaging whenever possible instead of simply throwing it in the garbage. Below, I've compiled a few of my favorite brands--each of which makes quite a few gluten-free options--that I feel do a great job giving back to the planet. Keep reading to learn which of their products are the most delicious and how you can enjoy them in environmentally responsible ways!

Local Students Turn Lunchtime Trash into Cash for Their School

Fredericksburg United Methodist Church Preschool is working with TerraCycle to collect empty applesauce pouches for recycling in the GoGo squeeZ Brigade. The school is among the top GoGo squeeZ collectors of 2015, having collected 1,360 this year. Since signing up for the program, the FUMC Preschool students have collected 4,158 pouches, earning nearly $100 for their school.