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Trying to Recycle Everything Comes at a High Cost

Trying to recycle everything—including hard-to-recycle items like coffee pods and cigarette butts—can come at a high cost... Businesses like TerraCycle act like a go-between, approaching companies making hard-to-recycle products and asking them to pay the cost of recycling. In return consumers can send the products off to a private recycling plant for free, and they feel good about it.

How to recycle the 'unrecyclable,' from cigarette butts to squeeze pouches

Some recycling programs facilitated by private companies — including the manufacturers of products that aren't easily recyclable — are filling the gap in order to divert some of that waste away from the landfill... "Everything technically has a recycling solution," said Jessica Panetta, marketing manager for the Canadian branch for the New Jersey-based TerraCycle.

John Wanless wants your snack pouches, tetra paks: Bedford Park school helps turn hard-to-recycle packaging into picnic tables

John Wanless Junior Public School has revisited an old ally, recycling company TerraCycle, in its pursuit of being eco-friendly. In December, the Bedford Park school restarted its Snack Pouch, Schneider Lunch Mate and Yves Veggie Cuisine recycling program. At the helm is Grade 6 teacher Lisa Higginbottom. Students collect the waste that traditional recycling methods, such as municipal governments, don’t have the budgets to cover. Higginbottom first started the program in 2010 after a student brought in a product that had been the result of Terracyle’s recycling process. After three years of dedication, when she went on maternity leave, the program remained idle.