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TerraCycle (They even recycle cigarette butts)

I just recently heard about Terra Cycle. I´ve seen a post where somebody said she´s sending all the collected cigarette butts from a clean up to Terra Cycle. I was wondering who actually can recycle cigarette butts, so I googled them and found out they have an office in Toronto, too. I mailed them and they were happy to invite me to their office, show me around and answer my questions.

River & Sky looking to be bigger and better

Expanded list of workshops, art installations and more for 2017 festival More workshops, art installations, food vendors, and new sustainability efforts are in the works for both campers and day-trippers at this year’s River & Sky Music/Camping Festival, July 20 - 23. The festival, set on the Sturgeon River at Fishers’ Paradise in the community of Field, is known for featuring some 40 emerging Canadian bands over its four days, including this year’s headliners Wintersleep, Timber Timbre, PUP and Weaves.
But R&S also works on ways to present arts sustainability, feature art installations by visual artists and the creations of local crafters, as well as run workshops appealing to a wide variety of ages and interests.

Innovative Uses For Plastic Waste

3 Methods for Creating Ingenious Products From Recycled Plastic Plastic waste is a global catastrophe. The most recent data estimates that up to 12 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. And only about 10 percent of plastic worldwide is recycled through conventional channels. While it’s important to begin using less plastic, we still need to find ways to deal with our existing waste. The three companies below have created ground-breaking methods for turning plastic into products.

Csikkek és használt pelenkák új élete – Tom Szaky, a TerraCycle alapítója

Hogyan lehet üzletet csinálni a senkinek sem kellő hulladéktípusokból? Mit finanszíroznak piaci szereplők, és mit a kormányzat? Ezekről beszélt Tom Szaky a Mandiner.startupnak adott interjújában, és arról is, hogy komolyan gondolták-e, amikor használt tamponból készült fogkefét küldtek tamponokat gyártó ügyfelüknek.

Canada's largest casino joins Cigarette Waste Brigade

Canada's largest casino, through a partnership with TerraCycle, will be collecting cigarette waste separately from other garbage in a dedicated effort to reduce the casino's impact on the environment. Casino de Montréal will be part of TerraCycle Canada's Cigarette Waste Brigade program for used cigarette butts (as well as cigarette foil and plastic packaging waste). The items will be collected from the casino and diverted from landfills for the very first time. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable and do not break down. The program will enable this pervasive waste item to be easily recyclable. "We are proud to launch the recycling program of cigarette waste with Terracycle," said Jacques Massé, the casion's Director of Administration. "This project is one of many initiatives undertaken by the Casino de Montreal to achieve its sustainable development action plan," he added. Casino site coordinators will collect cigarette litter and send the waste to TerraCycle to earn fundraising dollars. For every pound of cigarette waste collected, the casino will earn $1 towards a charity of their choice. The waste will be recycled into plastic pallets (also known as skids) for industrial use. Creating pallets from recycled cigarette waste will not only reduce the amount of litter, but will also reduce the need to use wood or virgin plastic to make commonly used industrial pallets. The organic parts of the waste - the paper, and remaining tobacco - will be composted. "TerraCycle is thrilled to have Canada's largest gaming facility, Casino de Montréal, collecting and recycling cigarette waste.  We would like to sincerely thank the casino for their leadership in sustainability and helping us divert the world's most littered item from landfill," said Nina Purewal General Manager, TerraCycle Canada. TerraCycle Canada currently offers over 20 waste-collection programs. To date, 2,225,019 Canadians have signed up and diverted 46,446,119 units of waste from landfill and donated more than $240,000 to schools or charities. For more information and to sign up, visit www.terracycle.ca.