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Schneiders® Lunch Mate™ & Maple Leaf ® Simply Lunch™ Brands Partner With TerraCycle® to  Award Schools a Share of $3,700 for Charity

  Toronto, Ontario, Canada – September 4, 2019 –TerraCycle today announced the 2019 “Collection Craze” recycling challenge in partnership with the Schneiders Lunch Mate and Maple Leaf Simply Lunch brands. Designed to educate school students, teachers and communities about maintaining healthy bodies and a healthy environment, participants compete to win a share of $3,700 in TerraCycle points for their school. Starting September 1, schools located throughout Canada that participate in the Schneiders Lunch Mate Recycling Program, a free, national program hosted by TerraCycle and the Schneiders Lunch Mate and Maple Leaf Simply Lunch brands, are eligible to compete for a share of $3,700 in TerraCycle points that are redeemable for cash payment to an organization or school of their choice.   Through November 31, participating schools collect waste from their Schneiders Lunch Mate and Maple Leaf Simply Lunch kits including plastic film, content packaging and plastic trays and send them to TerraCycle in exchange for Credits.  Also, during the “Collection Craze” contest period, students, teachers and the surrounding community are encouraged to vote for their school of choice once a day during the promotion timeline on the contest page. Each vote will count as one (1) Credit. The contest will be judged based on the quantity of recycled packaging collected and the number of Credits earned during the contest period. The top 10 schools that earn the most Credits as of November 31, 2019 will win a share of $3,700 in TerraCycle points.   For a chance to win an extra $1,000 in TerraCycle points, participating schools are invited to enter in a photo sweepstakes by submitting a photo of their recycling bin or station. All photos must be submitted via TerraCycle’s sweepstakes form.   “The Collection Craze offers schools a viable way to divert waste from landfills, engage their communities and be rewarded for their effort,” explained Tom Szaky, TerraCycle Founder and CEO. “By participating, students gain valuable knowledge about sustainability, how to make a difference within their school and community and how to protect the environment through recycling.”   The Schneiders Lunch Mate Recycling Program is an ongoing activity, open to any individual, family, school or community group.  For each piece of waste sent in using a pre-paid shipping label, participants earn points that can be translated into charitable prizes or cash donations to the school or charity of their choice.   For instructions on how to sign up for the “Collection Craze” contest please visit http://www.terracycle.ca/en-CA/contests/schneiders-lunchmate-collection-craze. To learn more or get involved with the Schneiders Lunch Mate Recycling Program, please visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-CA/brigades/schneiders-lunchmate-en-ca.

Local Students Turn Lunchtime Trash into Cash for Their School

Fredericksburg United Methodist Church Preschool is working with TerraCycle to collect empty applesauce pouches for recycling in the GoGo squeeZ Brigade. The school is among the top GoGo squeeZ collectors of 2015, having collected 1,360 this year. Since signing up for the program, the FUMC Preschool students have collected 4,158 pouches, earning nearly $100 for their school.

TerraCycle helps Ore. students repurpose waste

TerraCycle, Inc. was founded in 2001 by then 20-year-old Tom Szaky who produced organic fertilizer by packaging liquefied worm poop in used soda bottles. “Along the way, we developed into this totally different company of recycling the unrecyclable,” Taylor explained. “We haven’t found anything yet that we can’t recycle.” The company takes products like plastic gloves, used coffee filters or empty deodorant tubes and recycles them into materials used to make backpacks, coasters, benches and more.