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The World’s First Shampoo Bottle Made from Beach Plastic

At the moment, there are 165 million tons of plastic in our oceans. If something doesn’t change, there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans by 2050. The use of plastics has skyrocketed in the past 50 years, and this trend is likely to continue because it is in nearly all the products we consume. If the strong growth for plastics doesn’t subside, the plastics sector will account for 20 percent of total global oil consumption. Sadly, sea life and birds are dying from eating or becoming tangled in this debris.


Baisse des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, préservation des matières premières, création d’emplois… Les bénéfices de l’économie circulaire sont évidents, ce qui pousse de plus en plus de citoyens engagés, de startupers mais aussi de grands groupes à s’engager dans une telle démarche. Présentation des acteurs font de l’économie circulaire une alternative pour le futur.

U.N. salutes Trenton firm for repurposing plastic waste collected from ocean

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky shows a shampoo bottle made with recycled plastic collected from beaches and oceans. (Phil Gregory/WHYY) The United Nations has recognized a Trenton-based recycling company for creating a shampoo bottle that’s made with plastic waste collected from beaches and waterways. TerraCycle chief executive officer Tom Szaky said 25 percent of the world’s plastic ends up in oceans, rivers, and lakes.

TerraCycle, P&G partner in a love-hate relationship with trash

Tom Szaky, the Hungarian-born CEO and founder of TerraCycle, dreams of chewing gum, cigarette butts and ocean plastic. His Trenton, New Jersey-based company aims to accelerate the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, a breakthrough in materials science, energy storage and other technologies, by cleaning up after heaps of waste and inventing inputs for items spurned by ordinary recyclers.