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Go Circular this Waste Reduction Week, and Beyond

Waste is a human invention and does not exist in nature. Prior to WWII, consumable products were delivered in reusable containers, goods were purchased in small markets or produced locally, and durable materials allowed for repair and reuse. Nothing went to waste. But with the rise of cheaply mass-produced plastics, increased levels of consumerism, and planned obsolescence in many products, our modern culture now creates waste on an unsustainable scale.

“We Want To Lead A Movement To Use Plastics in A More Responsible Way” With Virginie Helias VP at Procter & Gamble

We have a long history of sustainability at P&G. This is not new to us and not a band wagon we jumped on. We lead by example be it through a new innovation that has the potential to revolutionize the plastics recycling industry, working with partners like Suez and TerraCycle to bring the world’s first bottle made from recycled beach plastic, to making significant contributions to help reduce climate change through our quick and cold cycle laundry detergent.