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Preschoolers divert yoghurt pouches from landfill

The kids at Rainbow Cottage preschool in Whangamata are diverting non-recyclable yoghurt pouches from landfill on behalf of the community as part of a recycling programme operated by Fonterra. In doing so, the preschool has the chance to win a pack of lunch bags and pencil cases made from upcycled yoghurt pouches, in a national recycling competition called the Fonterra Snap, Recycle & Win competition.

New Brighton kids learn the significance of recycling by collecting toothbrushes

The children at New Brighton Playcentre are collecting their toothbrushes and yoghurt cartons for recycling. The efforts are part of TerraCycle's Oral Care Recycling programme, teaching minors the importance of recycling and limiting the rubbish that goes into the ocean. The reason for recycling toothbrushes in particular, is that they are a heavy dense floatable plastic.

Hard-to-recycle solutions

‘Recycling the unrecyclable’ has become the catch-cry of an organisation which works with brands to educate consumers on how to recycle packaging beyond the traditional realm of cardboard, cans, and bottles. Alison Leader spoke to TerraCycle’s Gemma Kaczerepa.