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GlamCorner Awarded Terracycle’s Top Business Collector

We are delighted and super proud to announce that GlamCorner has risen to the top of the online retailing pack to earn the title of Terracycle Australia’s Top Business Collector for 2017 for collecting the most units of hard-to-recycle waste nationwide! In this post we detail more about Terracycle and why GlamCorner established our partnership with them in order to have a more positive impact on our environment.

Augusta Primary School joins global recycling program

Augusta Primary School is diverting hard-to- recycle waste from landfill on behalf of the Augusta community, as part of a national recycling program operated by recycling group, TerraCycle. The students are collecting the community’s Australia Post mailing satchels, NESCAFE coffee capsules, used toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, empty beauty products and yoghurt pouches and snack wrappers – items that would otherwise go to landfill.

Hear how this organic snack maker thrives in a tough sector

When the Whole Kids organic kids snack business began 12 years ago, co-founder Monica Meldrum knew she was taking on some formidable multinational businesses, but creating healthy snack choices for kids in a way that gave back to the community was the objective from start. Whole Kids' food pouches are also fully recyclable due to a partnership with Terracycle and Australia Post.

Hard-to-recycle solutions

‘Recycling the unrecyclable’ has become the catch-cry of an organisation which works with brands to educate consumers on how to recycle packaging beyond the traditional realm of cardboard, cans, and bottles. Alison Leader spoke to TerraCycle’s Gemma Kaczerepa.

Tips on How Lane Cove Can Recycle Nespresso Pods

We love our coffee in Lane Cove and you can bet your sweet latte, that many Lane Cove homes have a Nespresso Machine and that means Nespresso Pods.  The pods have become a bit controversial. The former head of Nespresso, Jean-Paul Gaillard is claiming that coffee pods are killing the environment. In an interview with the ABC Jean-Paul Gaillard said that certain pods are made from a combination of plastics and aluminum with organic matter inside, the coffee pods are not biodegradable.  It apparently takes between 150 to 500 years for aluminum and plastic capsules to breakdown in landfill. Nespresso has taken steps to promote recycling and there are now several ways you can recycle your Nespresso Pods so they do not end up as landfill. Nespresso has taken steps to promote recycling and there are now several ways you can recycle your Nespresso Pods so they do not end up as landfill. Drop them off at Pureflowers Lane Cove Lane Cove is lucky enough to have a place where they can be recycled.  Pureflowers has a Lane Cove recycling program for Nespresso capsules. Pureflowers is participating in a nationwide environmental program to help recycle coffee capsules. Nespresso has joined with recycling and upcycling experts TerraCycle Australia to expand their recycling program at additional collection points around the country at florists, garden centres and nurseries. Lane Cove residents can now recycle their used Nespresso capsules at no cost by visiting Pure Flowers and dropping their capsules (sealed in any plastic bag which will also be recycled) into the in-store recycling collection box. “Pure Flowers has been delivering flowers in the Lane Cove area for 20 years. This program is an exciting initiative for our florist that’s good for the planet and makes recycling capsules accessible for locals. We’re happy to chat to customers that drop in and why not grab some fresh flowers on your way!” said Ludmila Fedorovitch, co-owner Pureflowers. The capsules will then be recycled at Nespresso’s recycling plant. Only Nespresso capsules made for in-home consumption are accepted as part of this program.  You can find out more about Nespresso’s recycling programme here. Drop them off at Nespresso Chatswood Chase. Simply collect and deposit your used capsules at the Chatswood Chase Nespresso Boutique. Become a Bulk Collector (great for stratas or for a local small business) Any Nespresso Club Member (free to join) can become a bulk collector of used Nespresso aluminum capsules, free of charge. Whether you are a Strata Manager, a Small Business Owner or simply a Club Member who is passionate about recycling, you can join our Bulk Collection Recycling Program. Simply request a bulk recycling box that will hold up to 1,500 used capsules, and we will collect it when it’s full, all free of charge. Want a Bulk Collection Recycling Box? Call 1800 623 033 Send via Australia Post Nespresso has recently partnered with Australia Post, making recycling as easy as finding your nearest Post Box. Simply pop up to 130 used Nespresso aluminum capsules into one of the specially designed satchels, and drop into your nearest Post Office or Red Street Australia Post Box. When you buy the satchels, Nespresso will cover the cost of the postage.

Delivering more than mail

Securing the Outstanding Achievement in Packaging Stewardship prize at the 2016 Australian Packaging Covenant Awards, along with winning the Shipping and Transport category, was a reflection of the effort Australia Post has dedicated to its sustainability goals. It also has introduced a free mailing satchel collection program with Terracycle, providing a recycling solution for a product that cannot be dealt with by most councils’ kerbside collection services. “They are fantastic at their job, at keeping letters and parcels dry, clean, safe and secure,” says Andrew. “We’re looking for the most sustainable solution for the material, but while we’re doing that, we’ve put in place a free recycling program.” Australia Post customers simply register on the Terracycle website and once they have collected enough prepaid standard and padded mailing satchels, they can request a pre-paid shipping label. It also provides the returns process for the MobileMuster program through its network. It has provided 245,000 satchels to divert more than 62.6 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories from landfill since 2008. This postal return approach has been refined for a partnership with Nespresso, launched this past September, which is a particular source of pride for Andrew. Australia Post started conversations with Nespresso about two years ago about its challenge with its aluminium coffee capsules. They are recyclable but not through kerbside recycling bins as they retain coffee grounds. It needed an easy, convenient system for customers to collect those capsules and return to its recycling facility in NSW. It also needed to build on the collection program through 18 Nespresso shops and 300 florists, which it introduced in 2010. In an industry first, Australia Post designed a special mailing satchel for consumers to return their used Nespresso coffee capsules by post. This has enabled Nespresso customers across the country to recycle their used coffee capsules, as they return them by posting the satchel at any of Australia Post’s posting boxes or post offices, almost 20,000 lodgement points. Andrew cites the work Australia Post has done with Terracycle around cigarette butt recycling as a prime example. “We connected Terracycle with Clean Up Australia and equipped the huge number of volunteers on Clean Up Australia Day with cigarette butt recycling satchels as part of their kits,” he says. Waste Management Review_DecJan