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Tom Szaky with TerraCycle

TerraCycle, a global leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams. TerraCycle operates in 21 countries, working with some of the world’s largest brands and companies to create national platforms to recycle products and packaging that currently go to landfill or incineration. Through TerraCycle, Tom is pioneering new waste management processes to create circular solutions for materials such as cigarette butts, laboratory waste, coffee capsules, personal and oral care waste and even food packaging that otherwise have no path to be recycled.

How packaging recyclability can shift sustainability expectations for startup beauty brands

As with most industries today, one of the personal care and beauty category’s fastest growing influences on consumer purchasing behavior are claims for sustainability. Sustainable sourcing of raw materials in cosmetics and “clean beauty” formulas are gaining popularity, and many cosmetics manufacturers and retailers have launched “take-back” recycling initiatives for packaging as the majority of cosmetics and skin care packaging, though all technically recyclable, is considered “difficult-to-recycle.”

Group pushes to ban single-serve coffee systems from LMU

Faculty and staff argue that single-serve coffee systems go against LMU’s campus wide goal of sustainability. Faculty and staff at LMU are pushing the University to ban single-serve coffee systems such as Keurig and Nespresso. Other recycling programs like TerraCycle’s Waste Box can cost $70 to $118, and the process of burning the returned cups for fuel is not an ideal solution, according to NPR. Keurig does not currently offer a recycling for individual Keurig use.

TerraCycle (They even recycle cigarette butts)

I just recently heard about Terra Cycle. I´ve seen a post where somebody said she´s sending all the collected cigarette butts from a clean up to Terra Cycle. I was wondering who actually can recycle cigarette butts, so I googled them and found out they have an office in Toronto, too. I mailed them and they were happy to invite me to their office, show me around and answer my questions.


Encana Events Centre (EEC) in Dawson Creek is a great example of a company that went the extra mile to reduce the waste that goes to the landfill.  According to TerraCycle, billions of cigarette butts go to the landfill, or even worse, end up thrown on the ground.  Encana Events Centre decided to divert the cigarette butts they collect from their patrons.

How Mindfulness Can Help You Do Good For The Planet

Environmental issues can be intimidating. Topics like natural resource depletion, climate change, landfill waste and water contamination are often presented with a side of “fire and brimstone,” making concepts like sustainability seem negative and inaccessible. However, taking responsibility for your part in the global ecosystem can be much simpler through mindfulness.