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5 Luxury Gifts We Long For

If you’re looking for some luxury this winter, L’Occitane has a range of gorgeous gift ideas to choose from. Whether you’d like to present someone with a treat of naturally effective skincare (we have our eye on the Immortelle Divine Trilogy set), a velvety and fragrant body cream, fine perfume or a selection of each (the beauty advent calendars are legendary), L’Occitane’s luxury gifts will transport you in style to the south of France, via exquisite natural ingredients from lavender to almond. And remember to bring all your empties back into store once you’ve finished: in partnership with TerraCycle, L’Occitane offers recycling for empties from any brand – as well as offering eco-conscious refills for all your favourites.


Following calls to reduce the amount of plastic packaging it produces, Walkers introduced a recycling scheme in 2018 that recycles plastic to manufacture other plastic items.
Consumers can deposit used crisp packets at collection points around the UK which are then returned to TerraCycle for recycling.
Walkers also aims to make all its packaging 100 per cent recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.

Best beauty hacks to save money and the environment

The three Rs of sustainability are reduce, reuse and recycle. So once you’ve reduced your consumption by using up everything, reused the products you can repurpose, and ended up with empty bottles and make-up cases, it’s time to recycle — and that’s easier than ever. A number of beauty brands have partnered with TerraCycle, which recycles the unrecyclable. For makeup empties, find a Maybelline recycling point at maybelline.co.uk/store-locator, while Kiehl’s, Deciem and L’Occitane help recycle other empties — and all will collect empties from any brand. Go to terracycle.com/en-UK/brigades to find out more.

Edinburgh museum using waste boxes to recycle PPE

The National Museums of Scotland are recycling disposable face masks which could otherwise end up in landfill or be littered on streets. The Edinburgh-based museum is using a solution for PPE which isn’t recyclable through conventional facilities, giving them a new life. The TerraCycle collection system is via Zero Waste Boxes which encourage people to dispose of PPE instead of throwing the items away. When full, the boxes are returned for processing and the collected waste is cleaned and melted into pellets. The material can be used to manufacture products including outdoor furniture, plastic shipping pallets, decking, watering cans, storage containers, bins, and tubes for construction..

The complete guide to makeup recycling in Manchester

Maybelline Makeup Recycling Scheme

Maybelline has recently teamed up with Terracycle to enable consumers to help fight plastic waste by recycling their used makeup.  The programme launched in over 1000 stores across the UK, and one of the closest collection boxes is inside Superdrug on Oxford Street. You can also check the location of other Manchester collection points using their interactive map.

VetPartners launches environmental PPE project

VetPartners has launched a major environmental project at 130 of its largest sites by trialling zero-waste boxes for used PPE. The boxes are provided by TerraCycle – a company that specialises in hard-to-recycle waste including PPE masks, gloves and aprons worn by clinical team members when treating patients. All PPE not contaminated with animal or pharmaceutical waste can be recycled as part of the scheme, and is collected and quarantined for 72 hours to ensure it is safe.

VetPartners practices are committed to improving lives – and the planet

VetPartners is trialling zero waste boxes for PPE at 130 of its largest sites across the UK. The boxes are provided by TerraCycle, a company specialising in hard-to-recycle waste, and all types of PPE, including masks, gloves and aprons worn by clinical team members when treating patients, can be disposed of in the boxes as long as they are not contaminated with animal, pharmaceutical or liquid waste.

Illycaffè and TerraCycle partner in coffee capsule recycling scheme

Illycaffè has partnered with TerraCycle in a project that will facilitate the collection and recycling of its plastic and aluminium Iperespresso coffee capsules in Europe. The scheme has initially launched in the UK, France, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium, where consumers can either post used capsules to TerraCyle or have them collected from home. According to the company, coffee capsules are notorious for their poor environmental credentials and are rarely collected by local councils as the plastic packaging is made up of multiple complex materials that are costly to separate and recycle.


TerraCycle is a company specializing in finding recycling solutions for waste which is considered “non-recyclable” through traditional council recycling systems. This includes a wide range of waste such as biscuits and snack wrappers, baby food pouches, crisps packets, water filters, toy packaging, and personal care and beauty packaging. Through recycling, we aim to eliminate the idea of waste.