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In honour of World Recycling Day 2022, BRITA has shared 5 recycling tips to help people on the way to reducing landfill waste. [...]

4. Snack responsibly

You can drop your Pringles tubes at over 330 Bring Banks across the UK, and your KP popcorn, crisps, nuts and pretzels can be collected by TerraCycle at selected locations, and are then made into watering cans, storage boxes or even outdoor furniture.

KP Snacks cut plastic packaging by 410 tonnes in 2021

KP Snacks has announced a 410 tonne reduction in plastic packaging in 2021, reducing consumer packaging by 6.8% across a number of brands. KP Snacks has also partnered with TerraCycle® to support the recycling of bagged nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets nationwide.  With locations around the UK, consumers can drop off their used KP Snacks packs for recycling. Through the TerraCycle® partnership, 13m snack packs have been recycled so far.

This Is Where We’re Buying All Our Christmas Gifts This Year

Ideally, we’d head to one shop and find gifts for everyone. And with L’OCCITANE Christmas Gifts, there are great ideas for everyone you’re buying for, both in-store and online – whatever your budget. And because L’OCCITANE has always been committed to recycling and keeping nature free from pollution, you know that sustainability is a priority: you’ll find eco-refills and recyclable packaging, plus TerraCycle recycling facilities in all Irish stores for your beauty empties (from any brand). You’ll even find a reusable wrapping bag (€3).

Recycling supports Women's Refuge

A local health store owner is working to improve his environment while raising funds for the Wexford Women's Refuge at the same time. Patrick Meehan, who co-owns the Natural Health Store on North Main Street, is encouraging people to recycle crisp packets and Pringles cans by dropping them off outside his shop. Neither crisp packets nor Pringles cans are suitable for local kerbside recycling collection and so traditionally end up in landfill or incinerators. Patrick explains how the idea came to him and how those who wish to take part can do so: 'I was looking for a way to reduce the amount of waste packaging the community produces, and I found these great free programmes run by TerraCycle to recycle a whole host of waste which the local council recycling collections can't accept.

5 Luxury Gifts We Long For

If you’re looking for some luxury this winter, L’Occitane has a range of gorgeous gift ideas to choose from. Whether you’d like to present someone with a treat of naturally effective skincare (we have our eye on the Immortelle Divine Trilogy set), a velvety and fragrant body cream, fine perfume or a selection of each (the beauty advent calendars are legendary), L’Occitane’s luxury gifts will transport you in style to the south of France, via exquisite natural ingredients from lavender to almond. And remember to bring all your empties back into store once you’ve finished: in partnership with TerraCycle, L’Occitane offers recycling for empties from any brand – as well as offering eco-conscious refills for all your favourites.


TerraCycle is a company specializing in finding recycling solutions for waste which is considered “non-recyclable” through traditional council recycling systems. This includes a wide range of waste such as biscuits and snack wrappers, baby food pouches, crisps packets, water filters, toy packaging, and personal care and beauty packaging. Through recycling, we aim to eliminate the idea of waste.

Dublin, Recycle Toothbrushes To Help Sick Kids

The drug-store chain, which has locations throughout Tri-Valley, is partnering with the waste management company TerraCycle, Starlight Children's Foundation and Colgate-Palmolive in the nationwide recycling effort. The state that collects the most waste will win a new playground, made from recycled oral waste, at a Starlight Children's Foundation member hospital.