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Giving Coffee Pods Another Life

Waste Reduction Options

Nespresso pods are made from aluminium and are easy to recycle. A postage-paid Recycling Satchel can be used to return Nespresso pods for recycling. The satchels can be purchased for $1.90 from your retailer (they hold up to 130 capsules) and then dropped into any Australia Post office or box free of charge. Nespresso pods can also be dropped off in their Boutiques and a network of florists across the country. TerraCycle run a free collection program for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Capsules and a paid program for other pods.

HUGE Giveaway – And A Coffee Machine Review…Sort Of

I was so delighted to hear about a company called TerraCycle who is doing just that, taking a product that many thought could not be recycled and providing a FREE service to take your pods and using flash as technology recycling these and reducing yet another product that could otherwise massively impact our already overloaded waste systems. I have attached a little vid here to explain how it all works.  Basically Nescafe Dolce Gusto users are encouraged to sign up to the programme, use their own box, keep all the capsules in it, download a free shipping label and send the box in via NZ Post – this is another option outside of the public drop-off points. More info can be found here – http://www.terracycle.co.nz/en-NZ/brigades/capsulebrigade Thanks to Nescafe for hooking me up with these awesome products, I have been truly spoilt and I am delighted to be able to share the love and have this huge giveaway as I clearly don’t need all this delicious coffee!! Check out TerraCycle too, I think what they are doing is just awesome.

Post back your post packs

Australia Post has established a new Mailing Satchel Recycling Program that provides a recycling option for many of their envelopes that can’t go in the home recycling bin. Express Post, Parcel Post, Flat Rate Satchels and Padded Bags can now be posted back to TerraCycle who will arrange for them to be recycled into new products, free of charge.

Stiften Sie Stifte für diesen Berliner Jungen!!

Stiften Sie Stifte für diesen Berliner Jungen! Lucas Büthke (7) leidet am seltenen Angelman-Syndrom. Eine Delfin-Therapie kann ihm helfen.
Lucas Büthke (7) leidet an der seltenen Angelman-Krankheit. Er lacht viel, unkontrolliert. Das ist ein Symptom des Gendefekts, vor allem bei Aufregung und Stress. Damit er aber vor Freude lachen kann, hat seine Familie eine ungewöhnliche Spendenaktion auf Facebook gestartet: Sie sammeln Stifte für eine Delfin-Therapie!

Organisations that are turning waste into social capital

Proving that you can work in developed and developing countries, and with a for-profit and not-for-profit business model, TerraCycle and Plastics for Change together tackle the global waste management system. TerraCycle: Recycle Everything With the tagline of ‘finding innovative uses for materials others deem garbage’, TerraCycle is a waste management company, founded by Hungarian born entrepreneur, Tom Szaky, in 2001. With services now available in more than 20 countriesTerraCycle boasts a crowd of 60 million engaged recyclers worldwide. With a view to ‘eliminate the idea of waste’, TerraCycle offers tailored services for individual households, businesses and local councils and municipalities. Able to collect ‘almost any form of waste’, from coffee capsules to dodgy biros, TerraCycle will collect your waste, sorted or unsorted, and transform it in to new products for re-sale; from unique gifts, such as recycled jewellery and bags to larger commercial products such as park benches and office supplies. TerraCycle’s three recycling platforms include: Rewards for your wastea free recycling program funded by sponsors where you can earn points that are redeemable for charity gifts by participating in one of the sponsored recycling promotions, Zero Waste Boxes, which are offered in multiple sizes and in three sorting varieties; category separation, room separation and no separation and each box is valued differently dependent on the amount of sorting that will take place at the collection facility as well as large-scale recyclingwhich is suitable stream for businesses and other large-scale waste removal, working through a combination of the Zero Waste Boxes facility. Ensuring that recycling is widespread and well taught, TerraCycle have also developed a range of educational resources and communications materials for passionate TerraCycle-ers to use in spreading the word. And for a behind-the-scenes look, Human Resources, is TerraCycle’s own comedy-filled TV Show, now in its third season.

VIEW – Can coffee pods find their place in a sustainable world?

Enter global waste recycling innovator TerraCycle. TerraCycle is working with Nespresso on a new initiative. This will break down the aluminium in the pods for re-use. It lines up with Nespresso’s commitment to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative for end-to-end reusability of the metal. Nespresso is paying the shipping cost to send used pods to the nearest TerraCycle collection station. It will work via NZ Post, another SBN member.