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Redlands IndigiScapes is getting into specialty recycling

REDLANDS IndigiScapes is doing its bit to save the planet by going zero-waste with TerraCycle, a recycling group that deals with hard-to-recycle waste. It has installed a TerraCycle media storage waste box, a contraption that recycles media storage equipment like old CDs, memory sticks and cassette tapes that can’t otherwise be dealt with through regular recycling systems. IndigiScapes houses a zero waste box in its resource recovery station, a trolley to be used around the centre during events and off-site as required. The waste box accepts various waste streams from hairnets to mail room supplies. Once the box is full, it is returned to TerraCycle for recycling using the pre-affixed shipping label. TerraCycle general manager Jean Bailliard said it was encouraging to see local schools, businesses and community organisations getting involved. TerraCycle transforms the collected waste into recycled materials or reuses the waste for other purposes like park benches, watering cans and even playgrounds.

Bathroom and Cosmetic Packaging

What to do with the copious amounts of bathroom products we consume? Do you recycle your empty products such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, aerosol cans, toilet rolls and cosmetic packaging? All of these can be recycled in your home recycling bin with the exception of cosmetic packaging, which can be done through a new program developed by Terracycle and L'Oreal Australia.

Sustainability Update

Collection boxes 9Rv have set up REUSE collection boxes and each class member is responsible for managing a collection. Please save the following items and deliver to the REUSE station in the covered area where the vending machine used to reside: ... Please support these initiatives. In doing so, as a community we can significantly reduce waste to landfill. Each product collected as part of the Terracycle program earns Rangi Ruru 2 cents. This quickly adds up and we can earn money from waste to support our nominated charity Cool Earth. Cool Earth is proven to be an effective charity making a difference in protecting/supporting rain forests and their communities. We also have the opportunity of winning $1000 through the Colgate Oral Care competition by collecting tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss containers and all associated packaging (any brands)