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Campaigning mum transforms old crisp packets into £12,000 for stillbirth charity

A Co Londonderry woman has raised £12,000 for a stillbirth awareness charity by collecting rubbish that would have normally gone to landfill. Her group takes material not readily recycled, such as crisp and sweet packets, biscuit wrappers, bread bags and disposable gloves, and turns it into cash. Ms Seviour-Crockett signed up with Terracycle, a recycling company that processes hard-to-handle materials.

Best anti-snoring solutions that actually work

If you’ve ever shared a bed with someone who snores, you’ll have experienced a certain kind of hell. Safeguard your precious sleep with EarHub's silicone ear plugs which can cut 33 decibels of background noise to nothing. As they're made from plastic, they can be cleaned and reused. Once you're done with them, they can be recycled through a TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box.

Mrs Hinch's beloved Flash Powermop is 31% off at Amazon - hurry!

One of the Internet sensation’s top cleaning hacks – the Flash Powermop – is currently up for grabs with a 31% discount at Amazon, where it has thousands of five-star reviews. It's a fantastic price for the nifty cleaning tool on Amazon. Mrs Hinch would surely give the versatile all-in-one mop, which has an inbuilt spray for easy cleaning and claims to clean two times faster than a regular mop and bucket, top marks too. She added, referencing the free recycling programme Terracycle.com: "The pads can be recycled using the TerraCycle scheme - which I'm really happy about."

L’OCCITANE’s Marie Videau on driving sustainability through research

For Marie Videau, Group General Manager for Research and Development at L’OCCITANE, the company serves two clients, consumers and nature. How can the travel retail industry reduce packaging waste? There are two main options – either reducing or eliminating waste. One way is with dissolvable packaging or simply by reducing plastic use. It is idealistic to think that we can totally suppress plastic, but we can reduce and recycle it. We work with TerraCycle which recycles waste into new products and cooperate with new entities such as Carbios that offers enzymatic recycling of plastic.

Dentist sets up drop off point to recycle oral care products

A DENTIST has set up a public drop-off location for residents to recycle their oral care products and packaging. Dr Hannah Neve, a dentist at Queens Park Dental Team has signed up to the Colgate and Hello Oral Care Recycling Programme offered by TerraCycle, the world leaders in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. Much of this waste is rarely included in local kerbside recycling collections, and is often destined for landfill or incineration

Meet Mr Trash Wheel – and the other new devices that eat river plastic

The Great Bubble Barrier is just that – a wall of bubbles. It gurgles across the water in a diagonal screen, pushing plastic to one side while allowing fish and other wildlife to pass unharmed. TerraCycle’s river traps, which are installed in some of Bangkok’s 1,600 polluted canals, catch up to 2.5 tonnes of waste a day, helping to recycle plastic instead of sending it to landfill.

The high street goes vegan! From Nando's 'spiced chickpea burger' to Papa John's dairy-free cheesy bites, FEMAIL reveals the delicious plant-based treats on offer this January

With more than half a million people expected to sign up to go plant-based for the month of January, dozen of British high-street retailers have announced vegan menus. Following public demand, Babybel has answered vegan and flexitarian wishes and is proud to be launching the world's first ever Babybel Plant-Based in the UK. And the makeover continues with a fully recyclable paper outer bag carrying the five alternative-to-cheese snacks inside, whilst the wrapper and wax for each mini snack is recyclable via Babybel's TerraCycle scheme. The move takes Babybel one step closer to its target to have all packaging recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Pennard partnership ramps up recycling

A south-west practice group has launched a range of recycling initiatives in a bid to ensure the employee-owned group’s waste stays out of landfills. Pennard Vets has joined forces with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and recycling firm TerraCycle to drive the recycling of food pet containers, as well as any other waste.