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Wait, I Can Recycle My Pet Food Packaging?

While cans of pet food can usually be recycled, bags are a little trickier. Their hefty material falls somewhere between plastic and metal, leading many pet parents to do the confused shuffle between the trash and recycling bins every time they have an empty one. Unfortunately, these bags belong in the trashcan more often than not. Since most of them are made from a few layers of material (usually some combination of aluminum and plastic), they tend to be too expensive for local recyclers to process.

“Each layer of a multilayer package would have to be separated and recycled individually for maximum recovery. For curbside recycling programs, this is often inefficient and costly,” explains Mary Ellen Dowd, a communications associate at TerraCycle, an innovative waste management company.

TerraCycle has a mission to “eliminate the idea of waste” by creating recycling solutions for previously unrecyclable items; your pooch’s favorite dry food included. By partnering with global leaders, businesses, communities, and individuals, they’ve overcome the financial barriers and managed to give over 527,000 pounds of pet food packaging a second life as park benches, picnic tables, playgrounds, and more.

Here are a few ways to join their programs:

1. Brand-supported recycling

Depending on the type of pet food you buy, you may actually be able to ship your empties to TerraCycle for free. The company has partnered with the following brands on send-in programs. Simply sign up on the brand’s page and you’ll be able to place your clean-and-dried containers in either any box you have laying around or a pre-paid bag that they send to you. Both options come with pre-paid shipping labels. Once you send your packaging back to Terracycle, they’ll be able to break it down to be reused.

2. Drop-off

Dog and cat food companies Earthborn Holistic and Wellness® have synched up with TerraCycle to establish public dropoff points for their packaging. Look at the map on these brand pages to find a drop-off near you. (It’ll likely be a pet food or supply store.)

3. Zero-waste box

If you don’t buy from companies with an established relationship with TerraCycle, you can still send in your empties to be recycled — you’ll just have to pay for it. Once you buy a Pet Food Packaging Zero Waste Box, you can fill it with any clean pet food bag, box, or container you want to recycle. Though these boxes aren’t cheap (the smallest size is $110), you can share the cost with friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

“A great thing with zero-waste boxes is that it doesn’t have to be just an individual collecting,” Dowd notes. Your pet-friendly apartment building, office, or school could all go in on a box together, for example. Once your box is full, bring it to a UPS shipping location and pat yourself on the back for helping your community avoid tons of trash.

When it comes to pet food packaging, “wishcycling” — or throwing it in the recycling bin and hoping for the best — usually isn’t the answer. Instead, look into programs like TerraCycle that take the guesswork out of it and ensure your pet’s dinnertime stays a low-waste affair.

“I and Love and You” Launches Breakthrough Line-Up of Human Grade Pet Food and Treats at Natural Products Expo West 2020

Trailblazer in Premium, Holistic Pet Food Debuts Two New Dog Food Product Lines; Extends Offerings for Cats with New Functional Food and Treats   BOULDER, Colo. (Feb. 25, 2020) – “I and love and you,” maker of premium, holistic pet food and treats, will debut two exciting new lines of dog food, Stir-Mix-a-Little and Ancient Grains, two new cat treats, Hair Meow’t Hearties and Meow & Zen Hearties, as well as two new SKUs for its signature Naked Essentials line for cats, Indoor Health and Digestive Support. Each of the new products are being introduced this March at Natural Products Expo West and feature the brand’s core ingredients of real meat and fresh ingredients, designed for pet-obsessed people to offer their fur children variety during mealtime. Attendees of the show are invited to booth #5728 to learn about the latest additions to the “I and love and you” family.   “We’re passionate about creating foods that allow pet-obsessed parents to personalize meals while also keeping mealtime simple, convenient and picky palate approved – because high-quality meals don’t have to be time-consuming,” said Beau Mainous, chief executive officer at “I and love and you.” “We launched our newest products for the pets who assume the role of the child in the household – they’re our fur children and deserve meals that are the same high standards as what we would feed our human children. Our diverse options blend the idea of providing our pets with delicious food and treats, while mixing in added benefits depending on the individual pet’s needs – whether that be helping to reduce anxiety and stress, providing a healthy coat and skin, or improving upset tummies with digestive benefits.”   All new product lines have been approved by a holistic veterinarian and include optimal whole-food nutrition, freshness and premium ingredients. Additional product details include:   Stir-Mix-a-Little – a fresh alternative to canned food. Recipes are 100 percent dehydrated meals with human grade meat, veggies and fruit. Simply add water and stir to easily make healthy wet food at home. Each meal comes in a convenient, resealable container to make ahead and store in the fridge for the week. The cups are also recyclable in many regions, as well as recyclable nationwide through TerraCycle. SRP $3.29 per 3oz. and available in three delicious flavors:   Beef and Bone Broth   Chicken and Bone Broth   Turkey and Bone Broth   Ancient Grains is an extension of the brand’s signature Naked Essentials dog food line, continuing to provide the same benefits dogs love, but now with an added bonus of good-for-you grains including sorghum, oats, millet and quinoa. With real meat as the first ingredient, plus prebiotics and probiotics, Ancient Grains are made without the use of preservatives or fillers. SRP $12.99 per 4lb. bag. Available in two great-tasting flavors:   Beef and Lamb Chicken and Turkey   Hair Meow’t Hearties are natural cat treats that felines will not only love but will also help their skin and coat through Omega 3s and Omega 6s. SRP $4.99 per 4oz.   Meow and Zen Hearties are made with botanicals including chamomile, passionflower and lavender, to help calm cats in moments of anxiety or stress. SRP $4.99 per 4oz.   Indoor Health – a new cat food specifically made to help cats obtain and maintain a healthy weight with at least 15 percent fewer calories than other cat foods. Indoor Health contains prebiotics and probiotics for added digestive benefits. SRP $10.99 per 3.4lb. bag.   Digestive Support supports healthy digestion in cats with bioavailable proteins and pumpkin, along with prebiotics and probiotics for added benefits. SRP $10.99 per 3.4lb. bag.   “I and love and you” believes love is the best food, and the best food should be available to all furry friends. All products are available at conventional, national and traditional grocers nationwide, as well as online at Amazon, Chewy, Thrive and more. For more information, please visit iandloveandyou.com.