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How to recycle the 'unrecyclable,' from cigarette butts to squeeze pouches

Some recycling programs facilitated by private companies — including the manufacturers of products that aren't easily recyclable — are filling the gap in order to divert some of that waste away from the landfill... "Everything technically has a recycling solution," said Jessica Panetta, marketing manager for the Canadian branch for the New Jersey-based TerraCycle.


Every year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but there are many daily efforts we can participate in year-round to promote more sustainable, Earth-saving behaviors. It can often feel like an impossible and heavy burden to make instant changes and to save the Earth right this moment. Just as in transitioning personal habits towards using healthier, cleaner products or food takes time, so do our efforts in contributing to a healthier Earth.

Your Ultimate Guide to Recycling

A lot of us already set aside plastic milk jugs, glass bottles and old newspapers for the recycling bin. But with Earth Day approaching, it doesn’t hurt to ask: Could we all be doing more? A lot of times, our good intentions to help the planet are thwarted by recycling incorrectly or simply not knowing what can be recycled. If you’re looking to pitch in more – or even to just get started! – check out our easy-to-follow tips.