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Un jardin fait de matériaux recyclés à l'école Marguerite-Bourgeois

ENVIRONNEMENT. L'école Marguerite-Bourgeois a gagné un concours national de recyclage pour avoir détourné plus de 30 000 déchets des sites d'enfouissement. L'école se mérite ainsi un jardin entièrement construit à partir de matériaux recyclés.
  Ce concours fait partie du programme de recyclage de produits désodorisants et d’entretien ménager organisé par TerraCycle Canada. Pour chaque morceau de déchets envoyé, les participants cumulent des points qui peuvent être traduits en dons à l'école.
Depuis 2015, les écoles Marguerite-Bourgeois et Jacques-Buteux ont recyclé plus de 133 896 articles. Le programme de recyclage TerraCycle Canada leur a versé plus de 3 500 $ pour leurs efforts.

Diane Davis keeps on recycling … and donating to charities

Using garbage, she's raised more than $1,800 for her favourite causes Diane Davis has raised more than $1,800 over the past few years for several charities of her choice by collecting items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. The local woman sends the materials to TerraCycle Canada, an independent recycling agency specializing in diverting from landfill products municipalities deem “non-recyclable.”

Local school a finalist in recycling

A.G. Baillie Memorial School is one of the top 20 finalists in the Febreze Frenzy Contest, a nationwide recycling contest sponsored by Febreze and run by TerraCycle. The location is one of the top collectors of traditionally non-recyclable air and home care packaging waste, such as trigger heads from spray bottles. By participating in the contest, they are not only reducing the amount of local landfill waste, but are eligible to win a share of $5,000 for a charity of their school.

Oakville's Sheridan Public School new drop-off for air care packaging

People can help Sheridan Public School by recycling waste from products used to clean or freshen their home or air. The local public elementary school is a new recycling drop-off point for all air and home care packaging, which will be delivered regularly to recycling company TerraCycle Canada. This type of waste includes: used plastic air fresheners and plug-in refills; trigger heads, pumps and caps; and flexible, home-cleaning wipe packs of any brand.