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Teracycle programme helps fund £2k for Medic to Medic cause

DISPOSABLE gloves, cheese wrappers, and biscuit packets are among the mounds of rubbish that have helped raise £2,000 locally for healthcare overseas. More than 2,000kg of waste has been collected by volunteers including Amersham resident Kate Lillie who are helping tackle 'unrecyclable' waste.
Products that prove to be a problem for recycling are collected by residents, and sent to TerraCycle as part of a programme to help cut waste.

7 ways to take your household recycling to the next level in Norfolk

Of course, there are still some items which end up in your regular bin – and therefore in landfill. But thanks to TerraCycle, which partners with individual collectors and companies to collect and recycle almost any sort of waste, and other schemes, it is getting easier to give old items a new lease of life and take your recycling to the next level. Here are seven ideas for starters.