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7 Ways to Produce Less Waste While Moving

Ever since No Waste Month, Charlie and I have been better about simplifying our life. We’ve pruned our belongings throughout the year and given the joyless dead weight to Goodwill. We’ve upcycled useless knickknacks that were always destined for landfill by shipping them off to TerraCycle. And yet, by the last day of February, we were still sitting in a sea of boxes, drowning under the weight of our “stuff.”

TerraCycle und Flying Roasters recyceln Kaffeeverpackungen

Durch die Zusammenarbeit von Recyclingunternehmen und Kaffeerösterei ist die 100%ige Wiederverwertung erstmals möglich

Kaffeeverpackungen ein zweites Leben geben: Das ist das Ziel der aktuellen Recyclinginitiative von Umweltunternehmen TerraCycle und der Kaffeerösterei Flying Roasters, beide ansässig in Berlin-Wedding. Die Kaffeeverpackungen werden dabei in sogenannten Zero Waste Boxen gesammelt, bevor sie einem Recyclingprozess zugeführt werden. So können sie erstmals zu 100% recycelt und von Müllverbrennungsanlagen ferngehalten werden.

Small Businesses' Sustainability Efforts Hampered by Costs

Although more than half (53 percent) of small-business owners do not view climate change as a serious threat, the majority still embrace eco-friendly practices, according to a Manta survey of 1,174 small-business owners. The survey found 93 percent of owners believe sustainability is important to their business. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of owners say they try to reuse or donate items and 58 percent recycle.

Move Toward Zero-Waste at Work

When it comes to your clients, amazing transformations are an everyday occurrence. But what about transforming the salon itself? Recycling pioneer TerraCycle gives salon owners the ability to reduce salon waste significantly through its Zero Waste program, which allows you to collect and recycle everything from empty product bottles and old brushes to latex gloves and even human hair.

The Waste Biz: French Manufacturers Must Offer Gadget, Appliance Repair

Other stories from the waste sector:
Auto parts can now go in Zero Waste Boxes: a few months ago, we covered Terracycle’s Zero Waste Box. Not only has this concept come to the US, but it’s also vastly expanded: boxes for products ranging from automotive parts to action figures are now available (as well as “single stream” boxes). The company has boxes available for both consumers and commercial users. (via Waste Dive)