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Testing Canada's First Food Delivery Service with Reusable Packaging: Loop

Hoje I'll bring details of a service that I recently tested: Loop . This is a food delivery system created by TerraCycle in order to eliminate the number of garbage that ends up falling into landfills and oceans. When I think of the planet that I want my children (and their children) to live in, I know that services like this should be used and that is why I am writing this post for you today. And the photo above the super happy boys shows that this reason is more than enough, isn't it? Loop is defined as a new way to buy all your favorite products without producing too much waste. The idea is simple: you do NOT need the packaging, but what is inside, correct? So several people can use the same packaging, obviously cleaning and taking important care. This service has already been implemented in the USA and Europe and arrived in Ontario on February 1, 2021.   Below is a summary of how it works, step by step: 1.    You must enter the Loop website and make your purchases here . There are 100 products to choose from and from great brands like Haagen-Dazs, Hersheys, President's Choise and Organic Meadow. There are also little known brands, but they are very pro-nature like Puretto and Noice. 2.    When you make your purchases you will have to make a 100% refundable deposit of the packages, since they are loaned. When you return your products the deposit will be automatically returned to you. 3.    It is worth mentioning here that there is no monthly fee or anything like that and you can use the service as many times as you want. 4.    Delivery is free for purchases over $ 50. 5.    The products are delivered in a box - tote bag - also reusable (see more details about it here ). There is no cardboard, bubble paper or anything that is discarded. The seal that comes in the box must be placed inside it for the company to recycle. The tote bag was made for you to receive and send your products and is completely washable. 6.    After you use all your products you just need to put them washed back in the tote bag and check here for someone to pick up your packaging for free. There is also the option to take to a FedEx drop off point . The service is working so that the packages can be returned to supermarkets and restaurants. This is the seal that comes in the box when you receive it. As it says on it, you must put the cut seal inside the bag for them to recycle. Look at the photo below for the new seal that comes for you to use when sending the products back.   As I said to you, after having consumed all the products, the company's brand comes to pick up the box and uses the seal to close it. The card with your address and that of the company has two sides, so just turn to the side that says: “delivered to the company” and that's it. The products thus come inside the box: all with dividers and a foam that will be cleaned and reused in the next purchase. Obviously - and especially in the times we are living in - the biggest question is about cleaning the packaging. And everything is explained here . In short, there are many rules, audits and laws that make this cleaning safe.   Here are some of the products we received to test this experience: juice, ketchup, tomato sauce, olive oil, soap, dipping sauce, toothpaste and deodorant. As much as the products are from well-known brands they have a difference: on the packaging there is an indication that the product is from the Loop service (most of the time it is on the label). I thought it was great because until we change our habit, this detail reminds us that we can't throw away the packaging. It is worth mentioning that the Loop is just starting here and they intend to expand to other locations in Canada and also to associate with Tim Hortons so that people use reusable cups for their coffees. I loved the experience and I want to become a regular buyer, because I think this small change in our habits can make a lot of difference there in the future.