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Home and Garden Gifts 2015 - Home and Garden Gift Guide Roundup

The Terra Stone Plant Caddy is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious gardener. Crafted from recycled juice pouches through TerraCycle's Drink Pouch Brigade, the caddy utilizes empty drink pouches that would otherwise be thrown out. TerraCycle diverts tons of waste juice pouches annually and donates 2 cents to a charity or non-profit for each pouch collected.

Mission Possible: Kraft closes TerraCycle and Ruidoso community howls

Kraft closes TerraCycle and community howls. Many tales from Southwestern literature and legend stand behind the shop for a cause name, Coyote Howling. A favorite of mine, explains how Coyote disobeyed The Creator who gave him the privilege of hanging the moon. Coyote disobeyed and lives forever with the failure, howling at the moon. It was such a howl that emanated from throats around the community as word spread that cheese packaging and dairy tubs would no longer be accepted by TerraCycle® because Kraft Foods closed the funding.

Fowler Elementary students raise money while keeping the local community clean

Students at Fowler Elementary are doing their part to keep our community clean and planet healthy – all while raising much-needed funding. With the help of recycling and upcycling company TerraCycle, the Fowler students are collecting cheese packaging and drink pouches while earning two cents for every item returned. Helping the planet by recycling more is already a no-brainer, but the fact that we can raise money for the school at same time is almost too good to be true.

Class Notes for May 12: Riverview Charter School

HELPING HANDS The school is participating in the Drink Pouch Brigade, a free recycling program for individuals or groups from Capri Sun and TerraCycle. Through this program, students are cleaning up the environment and earning money for their school. By simply collecting drink pouches from the lunchroom or classroom, Riverview Charter School students can win playgrounds, park benches and recycling bins for their school or community. Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/2014/05/09/3102719/class-notes-for-may-12.html?sp=/99/257/266/1397/#storylink=cpy

Város, szemét nélkül

Az emberek és a vállalatok is hajlandóak fizetni a hulladék feldolgozásáért. Kanadában egy Tatabánya méretű város képes szemét nélkül működni – az eddig csak a sci-fi írók fantáziájának és az elvakult környezetvédők vágyálmának tekintett zero waste koncepció a valóságban is működik, azaz meg lehet csinálni. Ráadásul nyereségesen!