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Procter and Gamble Launches National Air and Home Care Recycling Program

Individuals can now bring any brand of hard-to-recycle air-freshener cartridges or home-cleaning packaging, to designated public collection locations sponsored by P&G's Febreze brand as part of the Air and Home Care Recycling Program with recycling pioneer TerraCycle®. Though technically recyclable, plastic air fresheners, trigger heads and screw caps often end up in landfills due to the high cost of recycling these mixed plastics.

Reducing is Another Option

Students at A.G. Baillie Memorial School have done all that in a project involving the collection of certain plastic materials that, for various reasons, typically don’t get included in our recyclable bags at home. Their efforts even placed them among finalists in a national contest sponsored by the Febreze company and run by TerraCycle.

Local school a finalist in recycling

A.G. Baillie Memorial School is one of the top 20 finalists in the Febreze Frenzy Contest, a nationwide recycling contest sponsored by Febreze and run by TerraCycle. The location is one of the top collectors of traditionally non-recyclable air and home care packaging waste, such as trigger heads from spray bottles. By participating in the contest, they are not only reducing the amount of local landfill waste, but are eligible to win a share of $5,000 for a charity of their school.

Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital Participates in National Recycling Contest

Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital has been selected as a new recycling drop-off point for all air and home care packaging, which will be delivered on a regular basis to TerraCycle Canada. They are asking the people of Collingwood to bring them as much of this waste as possible, both to ensure it’s diverted from local landfills as well as to help in their efforts to win the nationwide Febreze Frenzy Contest. The contest, back this year after a hugely successful run in 2014, is part of TerraCycle’s innovative collection-and-recycling program called the Air and Home Care Recycling Program, which enables any brand of air-freshener cartridge or home-cleaning packaging to be recycled — anyone in Canada can sign up, and all are welcome to participate in the contest, running until the end of April.