Zero Waste Packaging Platform Loop Expands Across the U.S.

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Loop is taking its effort to curb single-use packaging national with expansion to 48 states. After a successful pilot run, the revamped “milkman” delivery and e-commerce platform — which helps to repackage beauty and consumer goods into reusable and refillable packaging — is looking to facilitate greater circularity. New Jersey-based company TerraCycle first tested its Loop venture in New York City, and later diffused the premise of circularity to consumers in the mid-Atlantic and abroad to Paris and, most recently, the U.K. And both brands and consumers are biting. “Consumers across the country have urged us to bring Loop to them so we’ve scaled as quickly as possible to make that happen,” Tom Szaky, founder and chief executive officer of Loop and TerraCycle, said in a statement.