Frito Lay-TerraCycle Unlikely Partnership Creates Unthinkable Notebook Product

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At heart of co-creative innovation lies new partnership propositions, and the results of such business partnerships often are unthinkable products. This Lays spiral bound notebook is a truly unthinkable product: the papers are made of recycled material, and its hardbound is made by processing used snacks wrappers. And, it is a result of unlikely partnerships involving Frito Lay, Inc, a part of PepsiCo, and a global leader in the manufacture of snacks, TerraCycle, a recycling company, and thousands of individuals customers of Lays products across the US, and retailers like WalMart, The Home Depot, and Whole Foods. What more, the product also stands for a shared value - value for all. This story of co-creative innovation is scripted by the need for snacks manufacturer, Frito Lay, Inc, to reduce its environmental impact. (This is of course one way of assuming what makes the partnership tick.) Lay encourages its consumers to send used Lays wrappers to TerraCycle, a recycling company. Lay takes care of the postage fee - consumers can download a pre-paid shipping label from TerraCycle website! The company also donates $ 0.02 for every used wrapper sent by the customer to a charitable institution that the customer chooses.