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Recycled Green Gifts for the Holidays

TerraCycle Finally, for both recycled gift ideas and for recycling waste that you can’t avoid over the holidays, consider People & Planet winner TerraCycle. TerraCycle develops and runs innovative, free consumer recycling programs for hard-to-recycle waste like baby-food pouches, CLIF Bar wrappers, toothbrushes, make-up containers, e-waste, and more. Under the “Send Your Waste” tab on the TerraCycle website, visitors can order a “Zero Waste Box” that will facilitate the recycling all categories of waste, including any holiday garbage like wrapping paper.

20+ Gift Ideas For Preteen and Teen Boys

Eco friendly and packing a punch for usefulness, the TerraCycle Upcycled Tent Dropp Kit is the perfect gift to give to loved ones. Durable, light-weight, and designed with several pockets and storage areas, this product is made from recycled tents. It’s perfect for traveling, camping, or even use at home. Give a gift that is for the Earth as well as someone special in your life!