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SUN SAVERS Four savvy tips to make warming and cheap dishes for your winter pack lunch

SUMMER salads and cold sandwiches no longer cut the packed lunch mustard –  so it’s time to turn the heat up. Thanks to insulated pots and stay-warm mugs, you can keep just about anything hot enough until lunchtime. RECYCLE food containers and plastic water bottles, thanks to TerraCycle’s new programme with food container firm Sistema, allowing households to recycle these items if they aren’t picked up by councils.

TerraCycle launch UK-first recycling programme for “hard-to-recycle” plastics

TerraCycle has launched the UK’s first free recycling programme for any brand of food storage containers and reusable plastic water bottles, which it says allows households to recycle these hard-to-recycle items.

Anyone can sign-up to the programme and be awarded points for each item they send in to be recycled. These points are redeemable as monetary donations to fund good causes including charities, community initiatives, and schools. The recycling programme has been set up by TerraCycle in collaboration with Sistema – a manufacturer of food storage containers and reusable bottles. It has been designed to give well-used food storage containers and reusable plastic water bottles a second life after use.