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Plastic Free July: How to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly

Looking to boost your green credentials? Then welcome to Plastic Free July, a global movement that helps millions of people to be part of the solution to plastic pollution on our streets, in our oceans and our communities. Fortunately, big brands are making it easier for us to do our bit. First up is cosmetics giant L’Oréal, which will take back and recycle its empty packaging — its Maybelline brand and recycling company TerraCycle have installed recycling points in branches of Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Superdrug. Meanwhile, Aveda, The Body Shop and Faith In Nature all offer refills of your existing bottles.

Six easy ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly – from simple swaps to handy recycling schemes

Approximately eight million tonnes of plastic makes its way into our oceans each year, and just nine per cent of plastic is recycled worldwide. And the beauty industry – with its large amount of packaging and non-recyclable items such as cotton buds and face wipes – has historically been one of the number one culprits. Fortunately the beauty world is now catching up, with many brands making concerted efforts to adopt more sustainable practices in an effort to limit their impact on the environment. Because of its fiddly packaging and tough formulas, make-up used to be one of the trickiest beauty products to recycle. In fact, Maybelline found that a third of make-up wearers didn’t even know that these products could be recycled. Here to tackle the problem, Maybelline has teamed up with Terracycle to introduce make-up recycling bins in over a thousand Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Superdrug stores across the country. Simply drop in any old cosmetics, from ANY brand, and you can be sure they’ll be properly recycled. Click here to find your nearest drop-off point.

The seven best sustainable beauty buys

Maybelline and TerraCycle make-up recycling bins Maybelline's make-up recycling bins are being rolled out to 1,000 locations across the country, including Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Superdrug. When you finish ANY branded make-up product (except make-up brushes and nail varnishes), you can drop it into one of the recycling bins and it will be recycled for free by waste management company TerraCycle.