Bradford's Kumi Canada butts up with with TerraCycle in cigarette recycling program

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TerraCycle, the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams, has joined forces with the Kumi Canada Corporation to collect and recycle the world’s most littered item – cigarette butts. After being shipped to TerraCycle, the waste collected through the program is processed into plastic pellets for use in a variety of recycled products while the remaining tobacco is composted. The ongoing efforts of Kumi Canada Corporation aim to clean up cigarette butts as they relate to coastal water bodies, making the connection of land litter to marine debris. Kumi Canada Corporation strives to create a clean and safe environment. They demonstrate their dedication not only through their involvement in TerraCycle’s Cigarette Recycling Program but also through their community initiative programs such as the Community Garden, the Green Team, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. “Cigarette butts are the type of waste that can accumulate quickly and was always destined for the landfill. When Kumi found that there was a better way of disposal, it became a "no-brainer" that it should go to TerraCycle to be recycled and reused as opposed to just building up and making a negative impact in landfills. This program has had great success and is a conversation topic when suppliers visit our facility,” said Samantha Moffitt, a representative of Kumi Canada Corporation. The Kumi Canada Corporation group has dedicated two smoking areas at the facility that both have cigarette disposal bins. Additionally, they implemented bins for proper disposal of foil and cellophane packaging. Kumi Canada Corporation’s goal is to make disposing of cigarette waste easy and convenient, by adding receptacles in smoking areas smokers have direct access to the program. When processed, the paper and tobacco are separated from the filter and composted. The filter is recycled into plastic pellets which can be used by manufacturers to make a number of products such as shipping pallets, ashtrays, and park benches. TerraCycle has collected hundreds of millions of cigarette butts globally. Additionally, through its various recycling programs, it has engaged over 200 million people across 21 countries to collect and recycle more than eight billion pieces of waste that were otherwise non-recyclable.