Bellview School students clean up in recycling contest

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Bellview Public School has won a nationwide household recycling competition.  The school in Eagle Place won $200 for the school and $100 to give to charity as part of the Febreze Frenzy recycling contest run by Febreze and TereCycle.  Bellview School recycled more than 1,000 pieces of traditionally non-recyclable air and home care packaging waste, such as trigger heads from spray bottles.  The school will receive $200 in points, redeemable for cash payment to an organization or school of choice.  The school then won an extra $100 for charity as one of three collectors randomly selected through the promotion.  Febreze Frenzy was offered in March for people, schools, and businesses throughout Canada who were already participating in the Air and Home Care Recycling Program, which is a free recycling program operated by Febreze and TerraCycle.