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Eos Lip Balm Spheres Are Now More Easily Recyclable Than Ever Thanks To This Super Green Brand Initiative — EXCLUSIVE

From now onwards, customers can go to TerraCycle's website and print off a free UPS shipping label to be used to send an envelope or box filled with empty eos products to a TerraCycle recycling center. The spheres will be made into a variety of different items including park benches, picnic tables, and bike racks, so by taking the extra minute or two to responsibly dispose of your waste you'll also be helping to provide green assets for public spaces. If that isn't incentive enough, you'll earn TerraCycle points for each shipment you send in, which can be redeemed as a charitable donation to a school or nonprofit of your choice.

eos To Recycle with TerraCycle

eos Products has entered into a partnership with TerraCycle so the personal care company’s North American consumers can have their eos products recycled. "Aligning with a partner like TerraCycle to ensure a free and easy way for our consumers to recycle was incredibly important to us as we continue to grow our sustainability efforts," said eos CMO Soyoung Kang.  "We know our eos consumers share our commitment to preserving the planet and now, with the help of TerraCycle, we're excited to rollout this nationwide recycling program that makes all eos product packaging 100% recyclable.