Who Is Responsible for How Responsible a Company Is?

TerraCycle Tom-Blog
We as a company take our role in reducing and reusing waste very seriously. But should others have to do the same? Is it a company's responsibility to be good corporate citizens on their own volition, or do we as consumers or the government have a role to play? How much? Basically, who is responsible for how responsible a company is? The answer may seem straightforward, but I don't see it that way. These and other thoughts have come to mind often, as we've partnered with various companies over the years, some with no other "green" qualities outside our supplying them with materials to make product for us. Are we, and other "green" companies that partner with ones that previously had no sustainable aspects to their company, enabling them to gain greed cred without actually doing anything different? Should we consider this a step forward, with more to be taken by those companies as they see the value of and sales as a result of producing "waste" products? Is this how you start to eliminate the idea of waste? Should these companies have been doing more of their own initiatives right from the start? Waste-Based Products Still In The Future I don't see, nor do I expect large producers to be turning completely over to waste based products companies any time soon. It's like asking a freighter the size of Rhode Island to make a sharp left, now. Not going to happen. Do I see them shifting incrementally more in Terracycle's direction? Perhaps.