To Donate, or Recreate: Where Should Your Old Jeans Go?

TerraCycle Tom-Blog
Next time you're home, look around your closet. Your attic. How many pairs of jeans do you have there, unworn for months, years, decades even? I have four. Aside from the ones you keep for "some day" when you're skinny again or returning to fat, which ones of those could go? And where should they go? I'm betting your first thought was Salvation Army or some local version of such a thing. A commendable thought, but there's a problem. Salvation Army does so much to benefit individuals, their local community, and the economy. Young people get their first college apartment furnished. Seniors meet their needs affordably. People of all ages get trained in job skills, becoming more self sufficient, contributing to their local economy, and reducing burden on government unemployment/welfare budgets But there's one problem. The Bigger Cost of Donating Jeans