Things You didn’t Know You Could Recycle

TerraCycle Include USA
Sure you recycle your glass, plastic and cardboard, and that’s great — but those brimming landfills say you can do a lot more! We’re thinking outside the blue bin and looking at some surprising things you can recycle – and exactly how to do it. Starting with – Taco Bell sauce packets Think twice before you toss that sauce – Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle Waste Management, says those little packets can be collected and recycled at many Taco Bell restaurants – and recycled into a surprising array of products including plastic benches. Alternatively, check TerraCycle.com — they’ll send you a shipping label so you can recycle the packets from anywhere in the country. Cigarette waste Cigarette residue is the blight of beaches, streets and sidewalks alike – little bits of trash that add up to a big, nasty eyesore. But now there’s a way to give what could be litter a new life, as TerraCycle will compost and recycle the paper, filters and ash. Shaving razors Here’s a way to shave down the volume of hygiene products rotting in our landfills – there are many dropoff points for both the handles and head of razors, including many gyms. Or, check the TerraCycle website and they’ll help you recycle from home. Finally – foil coffee bags More and more coffee companies have modified their product design to reduce material waste, and that means using plastic film bags. Best of all TerraCycle can transform them into an eye opening variety of raw plastic materials. Waking up to the surprising ways we can recycle. https://youtu.be/IcnibTnefwY